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    post wedding - stuff to let go

    A pair of feather pens in blue ribbon (black ink - for ROM or guest pens) how much isit? can PM me 91897177
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    Wedding shoes for sale

    how much is this?
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    Brand New Wedding Items for Sales

    can i have the pen?... can email me at [email protected] or whatapps at 91897177
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    Sex life

    Ya but sadly most woman r like tat now;(
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    Sex life

    and beside not all man r not like wat u think
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    Sex life

    lol..... nah , he wont .......... we r muslim , our religion dun permit sex before marriage : )
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    WTS: Post Wedding Items (Part 2) - GDL Baskets/Decors

    20) Ikea Photo frame 10 x 15cm. Use as bride & groom sign. i m interested in that.. can u email me [email protected]
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    WTS: Post Wedding Items

    can i have the bridesmaid dress pic.. Hi, could you send pics to [email protected]?
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    Post Wedding Sales

    Hi, could you send pics to [email protected]?
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    wedding favours to let go

    Hi, could you send pics to [email protected]?
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    (2014) 2014 Brides

    i have do GDL yet ... mie is interracil, chinese + malay ; )
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    Brand New Wrist Corsage - never use

    Hi, could you send pics to [email protected]? having problems viewing on my browser, appreicate it.
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    (",) WTS - Clearance sale for artificial flower petals (",)

    can i have 5 pkt of red.......... my email [email protected] or 91897177
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    Sex life

    y now generation all so open............. dun u know sex is for after marriage?... tsktsktsk............ i glad i m not like u