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    Red Apple Furniture @Sungei Kadut

    bastard felix...curse u will hve retribution on u and yr future generation
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    I need help before i do something funny

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    Anyone a ATC (Asian Travel Club) or RCI member??

    if i were to receive a call from them, i made sure i screw and curse their ancestors upside down. no sense of moral and disgrace to their clan ancestors.
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    Anyone drive nissan latio

    ya nissan latio is a nice car to drive. somemore it is from japan. the average fc i am getting is 12km/l
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    Anyone drive nissan latio

    oops sorry! i believe tat your is a normal car
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    Anyone drive nissan latio

    hi jenny, so u and my wife are in the govt.sector. 1 loan is already taking a toll on us as we have 2 young kids to support
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    Red Apple Furniture @Sungei Kadut

    if i were you, i will surely go straight to the shop with a few buddies and ask for compensation & cancellation. will make a scence and this will surely chase the customers away. no use calling them cause they are numb already. these type of "beasts" no need give face. come on those are our...
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    Anyone drive nissan latio

    hi blur, i managed to get the car and have been driving for 1yr. my gross pay is $3,000+. $1,600 is my wife gross pay. we had bought the OPC car and paying monthly of $495.
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    Advice please

    he is such a bastard and you are still so soft hearted. he is a truly a disgrace to man and he is worst than a BEAST. he is a flirt and i pity his son to have such a father as a BEAST. dont know the meaning of SHAME. wonder how is he being brought up
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    ANG MO KIO-Rebonding

    hi happiness, do you mean May salon
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    Fortune telling

    any comments for the FT at yishun 925
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    Pubic Area

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    Red Apple Furniture @Sungei Kadut

    with so many complaints and so irresponsible staffs, the best is to publish all the complaints on TODAY papers so more people will know of these B*****D animals. if i were a victim, i will make sure there will no peace for them everyday till problem is solve. bring few brothers to the shop and...
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    10k Budget only for Reno, can help?

    hi jason, mine was done by chew interior last year. is it a resale 4 room flat? what is the length of the kitchen cabinet? for the toilet bowls, basins and instant heater, i suggest you buy yourself as what i did. btw who is your id
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    Yes, me too! use shalom movers last year. really very efficient and professional in their job. Highly recommend!
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    Bad Experience with HONG LIANG

    hi shice, had a lot bad comments for HL in this forum. if i were you, i would just forgo the 50 bucks instead of having all the problems. so wat if their items are cheap but with a F*** service/
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    Anyone drive nissan latio

    regretted not getting the car directly from tan chong motor at ubi. till not still not collected the car from the authorised dealer due to some mistakes. very fed up and disappointed
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    Anyone drive nissan latio

    managed to get a coe cert recently for nissan latio. will be getting the car this month. looking forward to my 1st car
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    Anyone drive nissan latio

    hi, need advice here. can a person earning gross pay of $1,600 can apply car loan from the bank