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    WTS lovely wedding items at cheap price!

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you wish to purchase any of below, price negotiable if purchase more! :) 1 -Brand new ivory wedding ring pillow - $10 2- Mickey headband 4 Pink and 1 Purple- All for $5 3- Lace pen holder - $10 4- Feather crystal...
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    WTS: Post wedding decorations

    Up! Price nego if buy more!
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    WTS: Post wedding decorations

    1: Ivory Ring Pillow - $8 2: Polka dots mouse headbands - All for $8 3: Floral Pen holder - $10 4: ROM Signature feather pen with sparkling crystal - $40 5: Classic wedding bears - $18 6: Traditional wedding bears - $18 7: Flower basket - $15 Interested...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi Starlight, Congrats on the successful banquet u had! May I ask who is ur coordinator?
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    Jayce Photography

    Hi, Can i know more details of your AD combo package as in what are the terms and condition, what does videography and photography consists of etc.. Please reply at [email protected] Thanks.
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    (2013/01) Jan 2013 BTB

    Hello! Hope I'm not too late to join in the fun! I'm a Jan 13 bride too! Currently still sourcing for my AD bridal package and AD PG&VG.. Anyone can intro resonable price package for each coz we already spend a big hole at taiwan PS AD: 5 Jan 2013 BTB: puffycandies BS: TBC...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Yanting, Actually i saw swissotel's atrium ballroom much smaller and lower ceiling than this, to me 1-3 still acceptable. Dun worry, i believe that day will turn out great despite this small imperfection. Chewchew, mmh. Actually i cant really comment on her coz i met her thrice and 2 out of...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hello yanting! I've book my banquet with joanna and she turn out to be nice and patience on that day! We didnt take the additional nite in the end coz she say the stay have to be on consecutive nite. End up we took beer instead coz scare our guest drink alot. Actually empress 1-3 oso nice to me...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi yanting! Thks for sharing ur thoughts, guess it make me feel more comfort after ur analyzing i was thinking of getting additional one more nite from the wishlist or not hence asking of how the suite is like. Mine is early next year, didnt manage to secure for this year de . Mine will be...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi Yanting, I am gg to sign up with Joanna too. Does her attitude change after signing up? U saw the outdoor solemnisation area? where is it located? Coz that day she didnt show me the outdoor one, only one of the small room near to empress 4&5. Did you manage to see the bridal...
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    (2012/12) Dec2012 BTB

    Hello.. I'm dec bride too. Date will be 2nd dec but hvnt book our banquet yet. Having dilemma in choosing the hotel Anyway me and SO engaged TW BS for TW photoshoot but no local package for the AD. Does anyone having the same situation as me looking for local package? Can share...