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    WTS > Liquor/Alcohol

    Oxtard co gold is 700ml, rest 1litre. Absolut Vodka
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    WTS > Liquor/Alcohol

    Vodka ->$25 Bacardi -> $20 Oxtard co gold-> $40 Johnny walker -> $35
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    WTS > Vodka (original, Cotton, Vanilla, A peach, Ruby Red)

    WTS > Vodka (original, Cotton, Vanilla, A peach, Ruby Red) $35 Each Interested pls pm me. Tks.
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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    Ryan can send me also. thanks in advance. my email: [email protected]
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    An emcee script for the wedding dinner

    hi... me would like to request for a copy of the emcee script (eng and chin) and AD itinerary as well... my email address is [email protected] Tks in advance
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    Can anyone who has a copy please forward to me if you dun mind to [email protected] Tks in advance.
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    Any sample wedding speech for the big day

    Hi, Can someone share with me the following: (i) Wedding speech (ii) Emcee's speech (in English & Chinese) (iii) Thank you speech Pls email to [email protected] Tks in advance.
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    Grand Park City Hall

    hi cheys, can share with me? [email protected] thanks in advance