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    Legal Wedding in Bali

    Hello! I don't have experience with a legal wedding in Bali, but perhaps you would like to consider doing the ROM in Singapore first (no need anything fancy, can be just you and your fiance along with 2 witnesses) and then having just the celebration in Bali? That way, you can celebrate with all...
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    Any suggestion for honey moon place?

    Hello! I went to Poland (Warsaw and Krakow) -> Hungary (Budapest) -> Slovenia (Lljubljana) -> Croatia (Zagreb) for my honeymoon. It was amazing! Lots of people say Poland is really dangerous now due to the Ukraine situation but personally I didn't experience any issues whatsoever when I went...
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    Labgrown or Natural diamond?

    Hello J.Kong, it really depends what the main consideration behind the engagement ring is. Specifically, does your fiance want a specific gemstone (may not be diamond, can be any other gemstone such as her birthday stone) or does she specifically want a diamond? Since she'll be the person...
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    Recommendation for Fengshui Master & Solemnisation Venue

    Hi aleeda, I personally used Master David Tong for my own wedding date calculation. He was pretty quick to respond, and was fuss-free. He also offers other kinds of fengshui services (e.g. looking over your HDB flat/new married home), and will also include a list of wedding traditions that the...
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    Engagement ring shop

    Hello! If you're not particular about having a mined diamond, you can consider a lab grown diamond too! I got mine from Michael Trio (it's a diamond solitaire as well), and it was significantly more affordable than mined diamonds. I personally cannot see any difference between the 2 kinds of...
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    Wedding Hashtag

    JoEva-and-Evan (Forever and Ever)
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    Engagement ring shop

    Hello! When deciding where to purchase your engagement ring from, perhaps it would be best to ask yourself what is the most important thing to you about the ring - can be size of the stone, a specific type of stone (e.g. some ladies do not like diamonds, they want a specific gemstone like...
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    Hotel informed about renovation only 3 months before actual day

    Could you consider asking the hotel if the function room can be decorated? Since it is reserved for you, and it is the hotel's renovations that are causing the issue, maybe your bridal party can decorate the function room the day before to make it look nicer/to your satisfaction? Or if bridal...
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    Robbed of feeling happy about wedding planning

    Hello! One of my close friends also picked a wedding date that was within 3 months of my own wedding ceremony. We both picked the dates based on fengshui (since both of our families believe in that). It's unfortunate that we could not be each other's bridesmaids or wedding guest, but we put...
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    WTB (want to buy) AD (actual day) photography package

    Hi everyone, We are looking to buy a photography package for the actual day of our wedding (we already have a vendor for PWS. Do note that we are only looking for photography, not for any additional services related to gowns or suits for the AD as we already have a vendor for PWS which includes...