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    Carlton Hotel

    Dear all, I'm new here. I'm interested in Carlton and would be meeting their staff next week. Heard that they are quite strict in terms of offering additional perks. Would like to find out what perks should I ask for with success? Anyone with photos of the ballrooms could also send to...
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    Advice on hotel or restaurant venues for 23 - 26 tables

    Dear all, I need your generous advice on cantonese cuisine for wedding banquet. Approximately 25 tables. Budget to keep below $900 nett. No preference on hotel or restaurant. Food have to be good though. Thanks in advance!
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    Ban heng at harbourfront or pioneer spring at safra club, any advice?

    Hi Au PW, Have you confirmed the banquet with Ban Heng? Are u taking the big or small ballroom? Can share your package details with me? Thanks! [email protected]
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    Grand Shanghai Restaurant

    Hi, Can any kind soul send me the wedding package for 2012? [email protected] Thanks in advance!