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    what is the highest amount you have spend on LV stuff alone??For LV Fans only

    Hi gals Which is nicer? Neverfull PM or MM?
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    A&D Interior

    hihi sammi, can send to me pls? i collecting keys soon [email protected] thanks ah!!
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    A&D Interior

    weird leh.. I just asked my friend, she said they really didn't get back. They did called once but after promising to send over, did not call again :p
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    A&D Interior

    My friend went to A&D to ask for quote more than 2months ago and till now they have yet to get back. Guess maybe my friend's budget around 20k that's why they not keen hehehe
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    Hi Shellie & Kook_car, I'm interested to know more as well pls..thankss [email protected]
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    Accommodation in Krabi

    anyone know when the monsoon period in Krabi is?
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    Club Chinois

    Ya lah, my wedding with CC too, so came in to see see look look, and got a shock kaka :p anyway..u ladies just keep talking loh, just hope to see more updates on CC instead too hahaha..
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    Club Chinois

    WOW, thought I came into the wrong link, went out and in again to double confirm is this Club Chinois link, but turn out I'm correct leh. Ladies, u all talking about BS, then go to the BS link lah hehehe.. I thought suddenly so many updates on Club Chinois leh :p...