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    minssy - i was thinking is there any hotel that provides free internet access? i'm going on 31 jan. recently i heard fm my friend have tiger promotion with air fares at $0
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    hi bel, i suppose samran place dun have internet connection hor? any idea which hotel have internet connection?
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    BEL - is samran near the Skytrain station? how near? how you go chatuchak? by skytrain too? is MBK within walking distance? How about to Airport? How much if going by cab? Thanks!
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    Hey everybody,I came across this post by chance. can i have the winter melon, tonic chicken and the muffins recipe? All pics looks so delicious! If you all don't mind. please? Thanks!
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    Neo Garden Catering

    Neo garden foods is good. however it is laden with alot of MSG i think, cos i felt very thirsty after eating it. however some of my friends don't feel so. Maybe I am not msg tolerant bah.
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    Anybody join Contiki, Trafalgar or Insight Vacation before?

    hi all, for those who is interested in contiki tours. i would say do go ahead with it! i just came back from the tour and i should say i really regret not joining contiki tour in my earlier days!
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    Anybody join Contiki, Trafalgar or Insight Vacation before?

    anybody going tour by contiki huh?
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    Queries on Europe Tour planning!

    anybody been to prague, austria ? any must see places or food to try out? how is the weather at 10 degree in europe? like wat kind of clothing is most appropriate?
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    Queries on Europe Tour planning!

    Anybody planning to go europe on mar 2006?
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    Contiki or Package Tour or F&E--> Europe

    hello, contiki is the land tour package there rite?
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    Europe - Backpack or Package Tour??

    Hello, Anybody going for Free and Easy pacakage in Eastern Europe?
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    Any mahjong players out there?

    c too pid tiewster! ask u send me eur wedding pics u send me ur frog? !!!
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    Any mahjong players out there?

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    hi mei, how much you pay for your package?
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    hello can anyone tell me if we book nirwana hotel on their website, where do we buy the ferry ticket from? do we need to book the tix in advance? oso how can i book the spa? can i wait until i reach nirwana checking in that time den book the spa?
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    hi ru yi, can email me the details? [email protected]
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    Neo Garden - Anyone tried before?

    butter prawns and black pepper pork meat is nice
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    Prague - any advice?

    hi, prague is the capitol of czech republic although i nvr been there before but heard fm my friend the place is surprisingly romantic with lotsa nice scenary...
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    Hair Loss... Help...

    hi von, they hv hair loss shampoo and tonic.
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    Hair Loss... Help...

    i nvr take d pills, just use d shampoo n d tonic onli. it's still drop lah but i think got abit of control at least. me taking d hair, skin and nails vitamins fm GNC.