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    Shavaine, how much is your package? Sound interesting to go by seaplane! Enjoying the journey of love
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    Unreasonable Dowry

    At first I also thought that doing guo da li is kind of bo Liao, but on second thought if we think in the deeper way that is probably the way my parent share the joy with us and they have the chances being in touch with the relatives through this event too. My mum says wedding dinner the guest...
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    Unreasonable Dowry

    My mum asked for 6 tables but intends to give all the angbao to htb. Didn't request anything for pinjin, my mum says don't want to make them feel like selling daughter leh. Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Emcee Script from ROM

    Can send me at [email protected] please? Tks! Using SingaporeBrides app
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    We plan to go Maldives too, rabber can you share how do you settle the transportation there? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Advise for Guo Da Li

    I went to Shuang Xi Le they seems to have very nicely packed packages and the price are much lower than other shops. Still considering which one should we take up.. Using SingaporeBrides app