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    With This Kenny Loggins

    Hi, pls send with this ring and for the 1st time. Thanks. [email protected]
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    Thank you speech

    Hi, pls send me a copy of the thank you speech. Thanks. [email protected]
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    Speech for Emcees

    Hi, pls send me the emcee script for solemnization during dinner. Thanks. [email protected]
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    With This Kenny Loggins

    Hi, Can send me both songs? [email protected]
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    Solemnization hold together with Banquet

    forgot to include my emaill add [email protected]
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    Solemnization hold together with Banquet

    Hi, Can someone help to provide the program outline and emcee script for the banquet which includes solemnisation ceremony?
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    How to tone up flabby arms, tummy and thighs in 3 months?

    Can someone email Christine's contact number?
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    Hi Waverine, Have you view the Reception hall? Is it nice?
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    A place to show off your feature walls

    Hi Sharin, Did you engage an ID for the reno? Your house is very nicely done. Like it very much. Can u share how much u did it and who did it for you? Thanks.
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    List of ID or Contractors for Quotation

    Pls email me Shirley's contacts. [email protected]
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    Any recommendation for Contractor (not ID pls)?

    Hi Wee, Can u pm me the contractor's contacts? How much did u spend on the reno?
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    Advice on Renovation Contractor

    Hi Star, Can u pm the contractor's contacts? I m still deciding to engage ID or just get contractors to do it. Thanks.