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    Teeth whitening - instant!

    charges? any packages? Thanks
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    Corsage for parents during dinner banquet

    Hi, I confirmed my actual day bridal package which is only gown and groom set. They charged $100 for bridal bouquet + 6 corsage. Another $100 for bridal car and jie mei car. Expensive? Anyone got better and more reasonable package for this?
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    Bridesmaid dress - Rent or Custom made?

    Hi Linda, Please send me the details too. [email protected] Thanks in advance.
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    Licence Fee for playing music during wedding

    Hi, I also headache about this...actually i wish to play my favourite song during my wedding dinner. My banquet manager said i can play any cd as long as original but where to find a perfect album? Can i rip my favourite song from the different original cd into one disc (which i will play...
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    (2011/07) July 2011 BTB

    Hi July'11 BTB, My big day on 23 Jul 2011. I'm start to planning for something...still looking for PG + VG, any good recommand?
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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    Hi Celiss, my personal opinion, i prefer FRF. The package include free flow of beer and wine so we dont need to worries to see the bill. For ballroom, i think Venus ballroom more grand than Concorde. Feliive and Cindy, the current package is same with what you can get during the showcase.