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    A compilation of hidden costs

    Thanks, Totally_New. Your note is very information. Like to check, for hacking of walls, if we only wish to hack a section of it, do we have to hack it all down and reconstruct it? We heard that the newer flat are all using panel walls.
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    Mandarin version of ROM Marriage Vow

    xris, unless you do it outside I guess. Was thinking of having two. But guess it sounds weird.
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    Mandarin version of ROM Marriage Vow

    Anybody have any idea?
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    Cooker Hobs/Hoods

    i find the service at the rhoyxon outlet at thomson plaza also no good. I've been using the EF brand hood for few months, so far so good.
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    Mandarin version of ROM Marriage Vow

    Anybody did it in both English & Mandarin, really like to do it to cater to my Mandarin-speaking only parents...Thks.
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    I need a JP

    hi, does Mr David Loh do the solemnisation in mandarin?
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Hi Carol, do you have any recipe for Nasi Lemak? tks.
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    Is there any difference between Fuji Air, Fujitsu and Fuji Electric air-cons? Are they all made in Japan? How are they as compared to brands like Mitsubishi? I can't decide which to install.
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    Window Grilles

    The grilles that D.L. mentioned is not something new indeed. I had them installed in my house 3 years ago.
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    Kitchen cabinets

    Anybody know what is the difference between imported door, solid wood door, laminated door and postform door for kitchen cabinet? Which is the most common one?
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    (2002) Brides of year 2002

    Sabrina, WP's show will be at Le Meridien Orchard on Jan-26. You can more details from their website
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    New Zealand

    Hi all, need some advice here. We're planning to go to New Zealand in Jan and I understand that it is Superpeak period in NZ. We don't intend to book our hotels from here, except maybe for first few nights. For those who have visited NZ in Jan before, do you think it is risky to go there...