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    Should I tell him?

    Hi Joey, I don't know why but feel like crying when I read your post. It is very touching and I feel you are a really strong and brave girl. I don't have much advice to give but just wanna wish you all the best and I am sure God will bless you and erase the hurts of the past. Yes it is time...
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    Child sleep in same bedroom or separately

    We don't have children yet but I do not think we'll want our kid to sleep in our room after a certain age. As a baby, maybe no choice as it is more convenient to feed, etc. My goal is to train my kid to sleep alone, because from young I have never had my own room and feel nervous sleeping...
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    Devastated....Failed Marriage

    BB, also depends on nature of his job. What is he working as? If like my hubby who drives around a lot, sometimes he takes a few hours to reply me. Also depends on the context of the sms/call. If it's urgent I'm sure he'll reply soon, right?
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    Devastated....Failed Marriage

    BB, maybe because sms or call too often? Or he is just too busy at work and no time to reply.
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    Qualifications prospect

    I would say go for the private degree. 4 years is too long to get a part time diploma, and by then he will be 30s already. I don't think a local dip/deg makes a whole lot of difference in the long run, unless you are applying for govt jobs. At the end of the day, it's how well the person...
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    In love with A married man ...

    Hi Blueprincess, "Will u ever do something immoral or against ur principles n values? I m sure u will not, n nt even in d most emotional or d most tempting of situations. Esp if u r a good gal ingrained w good values." Blueprincess, I am not so sure about myself even if you are. Have we...
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    In love with A married man ...

    Blueprincess, it may disgust you now but never say never. Not saying that you will fall for a married man, but in life, there are many things that happened out of our control. I've at least two friends who vehemently stated they will never fall for married guys but in the end, they did. Not...
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    Inauspicious wedding date

    Chocolatte, my hubs and i did the "auspicious" date thing because his parents insisted and i went along even though i don't believe in it. My good friend got auspicious date too when she got married.. She's divorced now, due to varius reasons. So imo the date doesn't matter.
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    Extramarital Affair: Truly in love with each other

    "the person u marry may not be the same, it can be as much a reality that stares at u daily... the person sleeping beside u can develop into someone u did not sign on the dotted line to be married with... it's both ways, guys or girls. " Agree totally.. this is something that once in a while...
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    Going once, twice..GONE! The mystery of a guy who vanished

    Just let him be. There's no need to pursue an answer, it could really be anything or nothing. He will look for you again if he really wants. I tend to think that he has either found someone new, or he has patched back with an ex. but that's just my opinion.
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    BF not ambitious

    Denise, just be patient and encouraging. From ur description, i believe ur hubby is hardworking by nature. This could just be momentary that he's unsure of what he wants, or feeling complacent due to the good pay and less work. Whatever happens, dont resort to nagging (not saying you are...
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    BF not ambitious

    Denise, probably he feels unmotivated in the family biz.. is his job scope very narrow? Is it very different from what he used to do?
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    To Love or Be Loved?

    Rebec, I used to think like that too - is it better to love or to be loved. But now I find that there's nothing so clean cut about love. It's not better or worse to compare both, rather, I find good things out of loving someone or being loved by someone. There's a lesson to be learnt in both...
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    Looking for fellow females above 30 to form a support group for dating

    Sherise, there must be something you have that is attractive and unique. I always believe that every individual is special. Maybe you just need to understand and love yourself more.
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    Looking for fellow females above 30 to form a support group for dating

    TriQue, your friend's friend is in conversation with the guys while your friend is sitting all alone and being bored.. simply because her friend has made herself more interesting and attractive to the guys. Perhaps your friend appeared unapproachable or aloof. Actually, your friend could...
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    How can a divorce man stop paying alimony to his ex wife?

    Pinkie, think it's better if you change BF. Obviously, you cannot handle a relationship with a divorcee. Regarding alimony, frankly there is nothing you can do about it. And also, it's really none of your biz, if to put frankly across to you... it's between him and his ex-wife, and it's what...
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    Kelvin, i feel pop out suddenly is nicer. Don't let her know u are coming, let her think it's just her friends. Of couse must pa kat with the friends liao.
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    That's sweet of you. Try to find out what she likes. Every girl is different and expects different things... does she hope for a romantic and expressive kind of proposal, or just wants a simple one? From there, you can better plan how to do it. Personally, I like proposals to be simple...
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    Stuck in between

    Dilemma, it's time to excercise your assertiveness and take control of this situation. You MUST speak up and be the person taking the lead here. If not, both mom and GF will suffer. And the one who suffer most will be you. This is a good training exercise for you before marriage... after...
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    Stuck in between

    Tell both to shut up and YOU choose the date. Just kidding. Actually, I feel your GF should be more understanding in this. Most parents insist to "count" dates because they truly believe this is the best for their kids. How about letting your mom count the date for the traditional...