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    (2011) 2011 Brides

    Hihi, wats the FB add? mine's in may 2011
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    (2011/05) May 2011 BTB

    Hi fellow brides, Mine's 27 May 2011. Qing Duo Duo Zhi Jiao.. now sourcing for PG & VG as well. =) Any recommendations?
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    Grand Banquet at Hotel Royal @ Queens

    Hi Adeline, mind sharing ur AD pics with me? I'm interested in booking FLM Queens for my AD too! =) my email is [email protected] Thanks!
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    Fu Lin Men

    hi, I'm new in this thread. Would like to hold my banquet at Hotel Royal @ Queens ballroom too. Can any kind soul share their AD pics of the ballroom with me pleasE? Thanks a lot. [email protected]
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    (2011) 2011 Brides

    Hi peeps, My SO n I are initially looking for 2010 year end weekend dates, but after looking at the forums, I think we got no hope for 2010 le. Currently looking at 2011, but no specific month. Looking at Orchard Parade Hotel but worried we do not have enuff tables for the Antica...
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    Peony Jade for ROM/Solemnisation

    hi peeps, I just had my ROM at PJ yesterday. I was a bit worried about the decoration of the venue at first, to the point that I wanted to arrive much earlier to decorate it myself. However I was late... feeling resigned to fate, I told myself that it's ok... it's the process that...
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    Peony Jade for ROM/Solemnisation

    Hi Lin JianLong, you had your solemnisation at PJ already? Any pics to share? I will be holding mine in late Feb, so would like to see how it's roughly like. Thanks
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    Bliss Garden Restaurant - Singapore Expo Foyer

    haiz.. called suzanne.. BG not available on my date.. does anyone know how the new Farrer Park branch look like?
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    Bliss Garden Restaurant - Singapore Expo Foyer

    hi peeps, I tinking of getting Bliss Garden for my banquet, but i onli need less than 20 tables.. probably abt 10-15 tables onli. Do they cater?
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    Love & Co. Wedding Bands

    post removed
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    Any recommendations for wedding bands?

    christy, Thanks a lot!! tink will be going down tml to have a look. Hopefully can find sumthing that fits our budget! =)
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    Any recommendations for wedding bands?

    Hi.. any recommendations for wedding bandS? I lookin for matt white gold with diamond in the centre.. with 18k yellow gold and the sides.... cant seem to find similar ones....
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    200 for bathtub?... advice needed...

    hi.. i was wondering how much does a stand alone bath tub cost? i looking for a cheap one .. enough to soak myself inside can already. can anyone help? Thanks
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    Anybody has a DIY template (chinese n eng wording) for inserts?

    Hi, Can share with me the sample of ur insert pleasE? Thanks my email is [email protected]
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    Advice - What to buy in Bangkok?

    Hi, mind letting me know the details of your gown too? Me tinking of going to bangkok to do wedding shopping. May I noe how much is the shipment fees back to SG per kg and wat are the best place to shop for wedding stuff. Thankew my email is [email protected]
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    Armpit Hairs

    Hi.. I am interested in the IPL but the ones i went required at least $1000 for 6 sessions. May I have your IPL contact pleasE?.. Thanks a lot
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    Recommend products for skin whitening

    Hihi.. so far... all the post have been whitening for face.. Anyone knows a good whitening product for the body? Went swimming in order to slim down.. but went at the wrong time.. now too tan le.. keke thanks
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    Solemnization at a chalet

    oh by the way, can share the photos with me? pleaSE? [email protected]
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    Solemnization at a chalet

    Hihi, for the aloha changi resorts, are we allowed to go there and see the chalet firsT? and anyone tried to coasta sands resort (sentosa) solemnisation package?
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    ROM at Chalet

    Hi Erica, I have seen the website but it states that decoration for celebrations - wedding, are not allowed in and out of the bungalow leh