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    Actual Day Package

    Hi, im int in ur Actual day package. Can i hv more details like which company, open date, selling price please? Thks.
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    Amount of makeup on affect my confidence level while outside with husband

    Whenever i see someone prettier, i will wonder if he look at her. It feel worse when I am not dolled up well. I am afraid that in the long run, i will have depression or anxiety sickness as youth does not stay forever.
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    WTS: Letting go My Dream Wedding Actual Day Package

    I’m interested to know the price.
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    Which one will you choose first?

    I go for hdb, banquet later. I think for this generation, most of our parents are still very bent on having banquet. Although i do have some relatives are okay with no banquet. For me la, i am ok with my future kid not having banquet and customs. I feel bride price is like selling daughter.
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    Quarrels during wedding preparation

    Any stories on having quarrels during wedding preparation and how u guys stay strong n overcome it?
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    Beware of Hehdeal when choosing ROM deco vendors

    Yup i complaint to paypal and gotten my money back.
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    Sitting on married couple’s bed

    Hi, what do you think about relatives sitting on your bed when they visit your house? Will you feel uncomfortable? How do you convey it to them if you feel so? Scenario 1: It is your own house. Scenario 2: It is your parents’ house. But you and your hubby do intimate things on your bed too.
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    Beware of Hehdeal when choosing ROM deco vendors

    Doing a research online, Hehdeal seems to be a reputable company doing decors for wedding. But NO! It is a nightmare that every BTB would not want. I placed my order and paid. It is so hard to get their reply. When they finally called me, they still can ask me to trust them that they will appear...