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    Sending of Wedding cards on 'Hungry Ghost Month'?

    Hi All, My wedding is on 2nd week of September. Here is what I have did before the cards were printed. Before cards printed : a) Checked with friends and colleagues on whether are they able to make it to the wedding thru' phone. From there you will estimated how much you needs to order...
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    Hi Orchid, Pls email me the list also. I'm interested to take a look. Thks. [email protected]
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    Hi All, You might want to consider getting your lights at Jalan Besar, near Lavendar Food Court. There is much more beautiful lightings and price are much more cheaper than Balestier with the same kinda of quality. The service quite good. I'm pleased with it. Lighting Galaxy 195...
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    Hi Questy, $800 is really too much. I believe the contractor you're getting must be from HDBbay. Happy to know you have made the right decision. Try to spend more time in getting quotations and compare between them. Do not get convinced by the words of one contractors. If possible, visit...
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    Hi All, Allow me to update some detailed information about hidden costs. I have just done up my renovation and have did some research on renovation before it starts. Here is what I have summaried. 1. Charge for each additional electrical power point *** Take note each...