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    Ritz Carlton

    Hi Audrey, I'm sorry to hear about ur sis's wedding. I will bear all these things in mind and make sure that they don't happen on my wedding. I better warn my wedding planner on the possible screw ups so that he can pre-empt all these things. Thanks Audrey for ur info.
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    Hi Mar brides, Did anyone of you had your banquet at Ritz? I've been hearing negative remarks about them but I really like the place and am quite sure I want to go with them. So please advise me....
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    Ritz Carlton

    Hi Audrey, How many tables did ur sis have? and who was her coordinator? I have Shamini as my coordinator and she sounded pretty nice and experienced. I really like the place very much and I'll be going down to pay the deposit today already. Hopefully my wedding planner can make sure that...
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    Ritz Carlton

    hi there, anybody getting married in ritz this year? would like to hear wat's ur experience? i'm planning to hold mine there at the end of this year.