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    Amanda Lee Weddings added up to be $6-$7k.Ok thks for ur info,i will visit the bridal shop and discuss the details with her.
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    Silhouette the Atelier

    Hi there, My wedding is next year,still doing some reseach.Thought of either go for package or Diy.Does sil offer package or just gowns?Care to Share.
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    Amanda Lee Weddings

    Hi Anlinna, $4,680 Does it include any photography ?
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    I betrayed ... my bf

    betrayer, from the beginning, you should not have share your problems with the opposite dun have any girlfriends?? haiz...anyway, nevermind, now you found the forum! so whenever you're lonely you can always come here and share your tots..if you really love your fiance, you really...
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    I betrayed ... my bf

    betrayer, you're betraying your hubby or your bf? i'm so confused...if you think you're betraying your hubby, then i think you're not alone here. if you go to the link "affairs after married" , you'll find many like you.. but i'm one which is strongly against affair after married.. anyway...