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    Safe to travel to Japan?

    my brother is heading to tokyo in september for school trip. last nov, i also had plans to visit tokyo - my colleague tried to persuade me not to go. personally i also have developed a fear of flying over the last few years - had no problems going on flights until 2009. i have tried...
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    Safe to travel to Japan?

    so many people have been travelling to japan since then .. life is short, make the most of it. as for the flight anxiety, it depends on how bad it is. it's not as easy as popping a few pills ..
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    all migrate to FB liao! :D
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    Being with a divorcee.

    actually the title of this thread is misleading ... the whole relationship started when he was still married. but in any case, I don't agree with the 'think twice before getting involved with a divorcee' bit. i married one and we're still happy together.
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    Serious FInancial Help Needed. Pls help me

    wow. just read the article shared by powder. not many people are earning combined income of $8000 and above. and honestly speaking, a lot of people who are in debt belong to the lower-income group. the golden rule is to not spend money that you don't have and if you really want something...
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    Help, my boyfriend is a compulsive liar!

    agree with powder.
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    What's ur take on civil marriages?

    after marriage, there will be more pressing issues than religion to think about .. and like milo said, there are more moderate muslims in singapore nowadays. if you want him to embrace islam the way you would like him to, then you have to be prepared to show him the right way and that means...
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    What's ur take on civil marriages?

    perhaps you might want to let him decide to learn more about Islam and then make a decision from there? i'm malay too and my husband was an atheist who converted. religion is a sensitive issue and i believe that your faith is between you and God and no one should preach on how another should...
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    Partner has diabetes. Still marry him?

    sm, not sure if it's related but it was because of his out-of-the-blue nosebleeds and feeling quite sickly frequently that my sister took him to PD who did blood test and from there, they found out that he has thalassemia minor. he was seeing a specialist in the haematology department.
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    Partner has diabetes. Still marry him?

    did the two of you not do a bloodtest when you found out you were pregnant? it was offered to me the first time i was pregnant - both me and the husband took it and was told that we are in the clear. my nephew has thalassemia minor - found that out because he was prone to nose bleeds, etc...
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    Is this a normal marriage?

    i love my mom a lot too but the only times i stayed overnight at her after marriage is when the husband goes overseas for work trips and I don't like staying home by myself (yes, even though i have the children to keep me company!). that said, i do talk to her a lot on the phone daily and...
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    Meaning of friends

    yes, you are! first of all, if you ask someone else to do something with you, then you're kind of expected to do the planning .. and you really read too much into things .. she's leading her own life and you need to live your own life.
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    Child sleep in same bedroom or separately

    my eldest one slept in her own cot in my room until she was about 11 months old - by that time we shifted house and she then shared a room with her newborn sister. since then they have been sharing a room and they seem to love it - every night they will chat to each other before falling asleep...
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    Getting Maintenance - NO walk in the park <IMG SRC="

    i thought child maintenance will automatically expire when the child turns 21? maybe he's trying to buy some time till then?
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    Whose fault?

    when someone cooks for you, it's a privilege .. not a right. when i do cook at home, my children will remember to say thank you for cooking and that they enjoy it very much (i never teach them, came out of the blue). there have been some occasions when i cook for myself and the kids, and we...
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    Woes with my hb family

    when i was expecting my no. 1, my mom told me that she could not offer to take care of my baby as she already has her hands full taking care of my nephew. like you, i went straight back to work after maternity so i chose to send my daughter to childcare. when my no. 2 arrived, it was a...
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    each time they go, my sister has to pay the lawyer .. i think it comes down to money lor. for muslims, they say that when a man leaves his wife for more than three months with no reason, then they are divorced. but they told my sister that she has to contact him when she wanted to proceed...
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    yes, the correct word is technically divorced but man, they like to really drag these kind of cases ... my ex-BIL left my sister since my nephew was 1.5 years old but the divorce was only granted last year (my nephew is 8 now!).
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    Inauspicious wedding date

    it's more common among the older folks .. i think the young ones just follow along for the sake of not taking chances .. talking about babies - when my 1st one was a few weeks old, i took her to visit my pregnant cousin .. her MIL touched my daughter's face and then rubbed my cousin's tummy...
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    Bank Loan after Marriage

    I get very annoyed when i get phonecalls telling me that a certain loan is great because it's low interest - they can be quite persistent, even when i tell them i don't need one! One time I was so annoyed with the guy, i told him that I am the customer, i said no so he should accept that...