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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    I jus bought brandt 1277 front load from Goh A* B** @ $1100. They are having promotion for this model nw, promo will end when they receive notice from dealers. I find it a gd buy as it can go up to 1200 RPM.
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    Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?

    hi summer I just went to Ximula, the sales gal told me that Ximula is an improve version of Alumix. The profile of the pole is more neat look as compare to Alumix and of cos the price is double. Ximula has more dimension of items then Alumix too. I'm doing Alumix wardrobe for my MBR with...
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    Anyone have Church wedding songs??

    Hi EL Could you send me a copy of the 3 songs as well? - Wedding March - Midsummer Night's Dream (instrument) - Bridal Chorus - Longherin (instrument) - The Wedding My Email is [email protected]
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    Hello all dec 07 brides My AD : 15th dec 07. Venue: Novotel Clarke Quay BS: Mr & Miss wedding club Lovenest: Tanglin Halt Road (new flat) email: [email protected] Nice meeting you all. Wishes all of us will have an enjoyable preparation. Sunny gal.
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    Hi AMBUSH Can u share with me your candid pics? Where did u get the london cab and how much? I tout of getting too for my AD. My email address: [email protected] thank you. Sunny gal
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    Hi m2u Thanks and I agree on your comment. I jus attended a wedding dinr and realise that a barrel of 30 litres will def. nt enough for 30 tables. just imaging there is 1 beer drinker at a table, each drinker hv 5 mugs thru out the dinr.the whole nite will b approx. 150 mugs and tis...
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    Buying Diamond Ring

    Hi reinstar & Vez can you forward me the wholesaler's and the ctrpoint contact. I'm also searching for diamond ring, saw the celestial and fell in love immed. with diamond. please email me @ [email protected] Many Thanks : ) sunny gal
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    To all NCQ Brides, Jamie is indeed very firm at her work. But I think she ardy gave to the limit. I also tried to neg for free flow beer & 1 wine per table bt was unsuccessful. only get either 1. Did anyone here has experience on how much beer will be consume for ard 32 tables? I...
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    Hi Ahjo77 Can you share with me your actual day photo? My email add: [email protected] I went to see their setup, tout it is abit empty. Did u request the florist to display mre flowers at the aisle & stage? I tout of doing it bt dun noe how will it look like & cost. Thank...
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    1st dish song?

    Hi all, Can anyone send all these songs to me. 1) Be my guests 2) THE BOND - instrumental 3) Allegrato - THE BOND 4) The Gift - Collin Roye & Susan Ashton 5)You're still the one - Shania Twain 6) I promise you - N' Syne My email address: [email protected] Thank you...