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    Free voucher for PW package

    Hi all, I have a free $800 voucher from "French wedding". The T&Cs stated are 1. 1 voucher per redemption for PW full package only 2. Not exchangeable for cash 3. Voucher must be presented upon signing up for package 4. Not valid in conjunction with other promotion, voucher and/or...
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    Beware of Hehdeal when choosing ROM deco vendors

    oh no, i was eyeing them for table rentals. Any suggestions for other vendors?
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    French wedding couture

    Recently signed a package with them. Would love to find out more about them too
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    I have a question

    I'm not sure how many people would notice, since not everyone actually intentionally goes to the table where the book usually is. But for entertainment during the reception, I've seen a childhood video montage as eang18 mentioned. Also some people just have photobooths! I think scraping the...
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    Need help !!

    The kua is mainly for the tea ceremony. Depending on how traditional you guys are, i know of some couples who skip the kua when the tea ceremony is held in the hotel. This means, he fetches you in the gown, picks you up. After which, some people head straight to the hotel while some go for a...
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    Wedding @ HortPark

    Planning to book hort park's MPH in late 2020 for a full day on saturday. Any one keen to split the location to share the costs? Would appreciate pictures and anyone who held theirs there too!
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    Looking for a couple to share the venue?

    That's true. Maybe we'll be better off searching for a more affordable location, rather than looking for a venue-rental-partner.
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    Looking for a couple to share the venue?

    Thanks for sharing! The main reason for this is mainly is save on the rental expenses. Since the full day rental is 8-10 pm, I was thinking that ending the morning/lunch session by 2 may work out with some overlapping buffer time. With a group of >150, I thought that it'd be nice to make the...
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    Budget venue?

    Alright, thanks So much!
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    Budget venue?

    Do you know the rough price?
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    Looking for a couple to share the venue?

    BTB 2020 here. Was looking for a couple to possibly share the venue for rental for cost saving purposes. The proposed venue is hort park MPH, where we could book a full day, and split the hours (one takes "lunch hours" and one takes "dinner hours". Wondering if that would be possible.
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    Budget venue?

    Hi all, 2020 BTB here. Wondering if anyone has suggestions on budget wedding venues? Planning a saturday, seated, self catered buffet style lunch for about 150 pax. Alright with slighter pricier venues if it comes with tables and chairs for guest seating? Thanks!