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    i want a smaller face

    hi guys, basically i want my face to be smaller.... best is got v line. any suggestions on which plastic surgeon to go to? be it SG or other countries? or can i use botox/fillers to solve my big face issue?
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    Eyelash Extension

    hi girls, do y'all have any recommendations for eyelash extension in Serangoon area? :p
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    Any trustworthy slimming centres?

    you can try defato hub. they're new in the market but they have medical backing so i think they are definitely the more trustworthy slimming centres out there. i lost 11kg so far from them, and this is in 13-14 weeks (and i'm planning to lose more)
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    Personal trainer recommendations?

    my friend's PT is from UP. definitely on the pricey side but considering that the sessions are held at their gym + guaranteed results, i think it might be worth the shot
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    Which Slimming Centre is the Best ?

    Hi i know this is an old thread but i'm just gonna post it here, which hopefully will help someone. I never go to slimming centre but I did use the balloon, and the weight dropped like magic :D I was 102kg.... now i'm 91kg. So i lost total 11kg in about 13-14 weeks? Still looking to lose a bit...
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    Actual Day PG & VG to let go!

    Hi there! is it still available? The package is valid till when? The package got any hidden cost? like have to top up additional fees in order to get more photos and stuff? o_O
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    Plant based diet / Vegan

    What a catchy phrase. Well.. I haven't reached that stage where I go full veg. I just feel that we should have a balance of both bah. Don't go both extremes will do fine. Drink lots of water and less sugary drinks etc etc.
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    Help! Husband sleep issues. What can I do?

    Oh dear. Hmm... Oh! I have a temporary solution for now even though it might take quite a bit of time for him to really get a cure or something. Just go to a local store that sells swimming products. You should be able to find ear plugs. Get a pair of those and plug it in before you sleep. It...
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    Ang pows for bestman/sisters/helpers & gatecrash

    Wait a moment. You mean... being a bestman also will have angpow too!? I thought only the bridemaids will get to have the gatecrash angpow.. lol..
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    Help! Husband sleep issues. What can I do?

    I understand how you feel dear. Well, in order not to get the relationship strain even further, I suggest that you continue to show your love to him in ways that will cause him to really do something about his snoring issue. I don't know if he is taking this lightly or what, but I believe...
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    Ang pows for bestman/sisters/helpers & gatecrash

    I will be helping out as one of the best men, do I still need to give Ang pow? lol
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    Eye bag removal

    Eyebags don't really come back unless when one decides to have 3 hours of sleep every day. But as one age, there bound to have some form of saggyness of our skin that might be one of the cause for eyebags bah.
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    Anyone knows how to enhance breast size?

    Put Breast Implant lopz. That is the fastest way and guaranteed results.
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    Laser treatment for large pores

    I used to try the PPP laser clinic one. It doesn't really work for me as well. If you are really serious about wanting to get your face well, I would recommend you to go National skin centre instead and get it done by the professionals instead of the aesthetic doctors.