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    Y.L.S. Buffet Catering

    I have bad experience with YLS too. Wanted them to come at 12pm but they say they are packed and can only deliver the food at 1030am. End up they were earlier and by the time my guest started eating at 12plus the food is already not warm liao...and the fried stuff are very soggy. I was...
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    Mum's Kitchen - Any experience with Mum's Kitchen?

    My office cater food from mum's kitchen and I must say the food portion is quite little, even though ordered pax is more than actual turnout.
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    "si dian jin (四点金)"

    Typo error... Haha sorry about that.
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    "si dian jin (四点金)"

    Thanks Wendy! i checked online and found 2 On Cheong shop in Chinatown. One in South Bridge Road and another in New bridge Road. Will go to both of them
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    "si dian jin (四点金)"

    Dinitegrity, How much did you pay for your SDJ? I was checking the prices around and I think we need to budget about 3k. My HTB is paying for it and we want go the the most value for money jewellery shop
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    Hi there, Please send me a copy of the speeches too! Thanks in advance! [email protected]
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    bridesmaid = Jiemei?" Or Bridesmaid + Jiemei?

    Hi there! Is it a norm that the jiemeis follow the bride and groom on the actual day or only stay in the brides' house? None of my hubby's xiongdi have a car....may have to rent