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    Contraceptive pill and pregnancy

    Don't worry, you won't be pregnant if you followed the whole cycle of your pill, ie. haven't forgotten to take it inbetween. If you take it regularly, you won't get pregnant even during your menses. The last two or three pills in the packet usually only serve to lengthen your cycle to the usual...
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    Brazilian Wax

    i thought it is a complete waxing, isn't it? ouch... that must hurt... and when the hair grows back, will it itch? if any of you decides to try it, pls report back and let us know how it was, ok?
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    Hi scooby, I had my shoes made at RicciNo, because my tailor said their designs are more modern than at LL. I am not sure if this is true though... depends what you want I guess. The easiest is still to buy ready-made shoes - Tangs has very nice ones, but they didn't have my size anymore, so...
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    Good concealer for dark eye rings ?

    be careful with putting powder under your eyes, i used to do this but my beautician scolded me, and said it makes the skin too dry and will cause even more lines. she said it's best to use a liquid concealer with moisturizer, and blend it well, then if you really must, just dust a little bit of...
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    Good concealer for dark eye rings ?

    "Uncircle" does nothing to me, honestly. I finished a whole bottle and see no improvement at all. Might try the L'oreal hydrafresh eye cream against dark circles to see if it works better. Has anyone tried it? I think YSL Radiant Touch doesn't show the lines, if you choose the right shade and...
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    Good concealer for dark eye rings ?

    Hi all, Don't despair... I was also born with dark circles, and my doctor said it is just that the skin underneath my eyes is very fine and thin, so the blood vessels underneath show through. There is nothing you can do, except for trying not to make them worse, i.e. get enough sleep, use eye...
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    Whether to serve Shark Fin????

    I also think that it is about time to change the habit of serving sharksfin soup for weddings. What disturbs me most is that the sharks are thrown back after having their fins chopped off and are left to die a slow and cruel death. No tradition on earth can justify this! Sorry, but I agree...
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    (2002) Brides of year 2002

    Hi Hazel, I'm also getting married on 8 June and haven't signed up with a dress maker yet. All I have is the venue, the church and a dress for my ROM. Haven't had the time yet to visit bridal shops, but will hopefully start this month. I'm not that worried about the 'little' things like...
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    Frederick Lee Bridal

    I don't mind a bit of drama, but bold and loud is not really what I had in mind... hm, I guess I'll have to go and check him out myself. Thanks!
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    Frederick Lee Bridal

    I was also considering trying out Frederick Lee. I read a feature article about him in a 1999 issue of Her World Brides, and just by reading the interview I was impressed. He sounded so cheerful and enthousiastic, and very passionate about what he's doing. It seems his bridal studio is very...