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    Any mahjong players out there?

    i'm also staying in sengkang, also want to play mahjong!!! :p we arrange using msn? hehe...
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    Any Coach handbags fan here ???

    decimal: that is a nice bag, why want to sell? I have the same one in white, loving it... Mrs Loh: can try ebay, some people are selling coach items cheaper than our local boutiques
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    lissy, i selected classic plan... i got quotes fr ntuc and aig... i think i'll get AIG bah, tks for the bit on claims issue Enjoy ur trip everyone !!!
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    lissy congrats on ur wedding tomolo u mentioned tt u bot aig insurance for 27 right? I got a quote from them - S$48 per couple for 5 days in bkk, is e price reasonable? most of us r going at ard e same tm... i'll be there from 3rd to 7th Feb Enjoy ur trip !!!
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    hi zjw, yah, i totally agree tt e loc. is very gd. Near to e shopping malls & BTS stn... Breakfast is a gd spread too, yummy. if u guys wan to stay in novotel, try to chk e rates at jetabouts. I chked wif them las mth, it's S$119, but nw i'm nt sure if there's a price hike...
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    hi zjw yah, i stayed at novotel in feb 06 at S$140 per night. But jetabts is really offering a night's stay at S$119 (jus went to retrieve & checked e e-quote from jetabts) It's a very gd offer, but i wan to try e apts tis tm round so nvr bk novotel e best hotel i've stayed so far...
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    hi all i stayed in bangkok boutique hotel before, nice and cheap, ard $70+ per nite... but the bf spread is pathetic novotel rooms per night is abt. $118 per nite e las tm i checked fr jetabts website, very reasonable tis tm i'm staying at Somerset Suanplu Apt by Ascott bços we have...
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    hi gers... was browsing for more info. on bkk. i'm going to bkk in feb taking tiger airways... Read abt. the brand - botanics, my fren told me tt e clay mask is very gd but always nt in stock Hope tt e situation there will stabilise so tt we can all enjoy our trip there !!!
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    Mascara - Pls recommend your fav. brand

    i love using mascaras - currently using majolica majorca 15x expander & am trying lash stylist by maybelline... both works well for me in terms of lengthening & volumising !
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    Any good eye lash curler to recommend?

    i tried e mavala one for a mth plu... lashes seem a little stronger, doesn't fall off easily the mascara dun last on my lashes... after 8 hrs, it'll start to smudge... now i'm using majolica majorca lash expander and sometms kate dollish long mascara... best! for curlers, i use...
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    Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (Taiwan)

    can try kinokuniya... i get my taiwan mags fr kino...
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    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    beetle bailey, i still can't decide... haha Have been real busy but i'm seriously looking for one now. Budget - hopefully less than $500 Steve - wat services did he provide for the cost stated? We have already renovated our place so just thot of getting a FS master to see if there's...
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    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    eternitystar, i don't know how much chen shifu charges... Is he good and really so cheap? my house is fully renovated already, jus need some advice on the placing of certain stuff and know more about the wealth position and all...
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    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    i'm also looking for a FS master... Got a contact - Chen Shifu. But still can't get full reviews on him. eternity, u've got master tan to look at ur place b4?
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    Park Green

    Dear neighbours, My mum is offering to take care of young kids staying in Park Green to pass time. She's an experienced baby-sitter. She has taken care of kids at her own place and at houses of expats. She specialises in taking care of and cooking nutritious food for toddlers aged 2-3...
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    Coaches to KL

    i took a coach up to sunway recently... from five star tours... S$93 per pax (return) Executive Coach - 18/22 snoozer seats, shiok!
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    Darwin, Australia

    niuniu i still can't decide where to go with the free tixs... fr the looks of it, Darwin is nt such a great place to visit hor? mabbe will stick to krabi or phuket
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    Perfume - Which one will you recommend?

    Lanvin - Eclat D'Arpege - smells great! all my frens love it!
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    (2005) Brides of year 2005

    wow, me also long tm nvr log into tis thread... Surprised to see so many MTB... congrats to all... so excited for all
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    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    hi ringadingling, i'm also thinking of getting chen shifu, cheaper... i dun hv Master Chng's contact, he was mentioned by someone in tis thread?