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    AD photographer

    Hello ladies, I am going with All Aflutter, which I thought it's very reasonable for the quality :) Not sure if it's within your budget!
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    (2015/12) December 2015 BTB

    hello! Mine is relatively small too~ just 16-18 tables dinner though. Did you get at least 1 bottle of wine / table? Any waiver of corkage?
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    (2015/12) December 2015 BTB

    Hello All, I am a new Dec 2015 btb! Just confirmed my banquet at Capella and my AD Photographer (All Aflutter). I see that almost everyone here has confirmed your bridal.... I must be really late >.<
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hello, I just happened to request for a proposal from them. So here is some info on the new space: Level 3 (Grand Ballroom and Grand Residence) – Brand New Event Space available end of 2014! Grand Residence Minimum capacity : 20 tables Maximum capacity : 24 tables Grand Ballroom...
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    Capella Singapore

    Hi All, I just met with the wedding planner at Capella, who is there for just a year. I thought she is really nice and very responsive. Her name is Vanessa. Anyway, my fiance and I really like Capella's environment but am a little worried about the food. Anyone has any review/comment on that...
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    120 pax solemnisation lunch - any hotel to recommend?

    Hello Jinxuan! Just wondering if you can send me your recommendation too? [email protected] Very much appreciated :)