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    My 17k dream flat come true...

    can i have the contacts too? [email protected]
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    Local Part Time Maid

    I'm looking for one local maid too, staying in Yishun. pls contact 91099394.
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    Just came back last month fron BKK. Also stay at Novotel Siam Square. Many of their floors had just been renovated so not bad. Location is excellent, didn't really need to travel around for shopping. Try to get a higher floor to be away from the on-going renovation which I believe is on 7th...
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    Japan (esp Tokyo) Free and Easy

    Hi gals, Just came back from Japan on Sunday. A wonderful trip though I prefer Kyoto than Tokyo. Went too early yet for full bloom cheery blossom (but managed to catch plum blossom instead), but those going next week or end Mar should be just in time. Tokyo is still quite cold when I...
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    Japan (esp Tokyo) Free and Easy

    Vista, (1) I'm staying at House Ikebukuro. They have a few double room with attached bathroom. You better book your accomodations early as Sakura season is peak. (2) You can check out Odakyu website on how to get to hakone. You can...
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    Japan trip - where to go

    Hi gals, I bought Ticket online with NW @ S$600 all tax-inclusive (S$530 airfare + S$72 tax). JR Rail Pass is very ex (abt S$500)- not worth it unless you intend to travel quite extensively. As we only want visit Tokyo & Kyoto, we found a value package from Sunrise tour from Tokyo to...
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    6.5 or 7 kg front load washer, which model is good?

    I'm using a Thomson frontloader for the past 3 years. Superb! Highly recommended. Slightly more ex...cost me $888 in 2000, but well worth the $$.
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    Hotel Equatorial having a promotional package on at RM188 per superior room per night, inclusive of breakfast, service charge and tax.
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Hi Carol, Could you email me your receipe on cereal prawns? My email is [email protected] Thanks a million!
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    Noble House

    HI all, Yes, all packages from 2001 is already inclusive of seat covers. As for beer, they do not have free flow, but we did not consume much also even though our dinner was on a Saturday. Only 1 barrel and 9 jugs. As for the location, didn't hear anyone complain cannot find.
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    Recommendations for good buffet caterer

    Hi Try Seyu Restaurant (they do buffet catering). Their number is 560 3469. I used them for my actual day lunch. Many praise for the food, esp the sambal sotong and sweet & sour fish. My company always used their to cater for dept lunch.
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    Rebonding / Iron Relaxer

    Hi all, Anyone has experienced doing rebonding a second time? I have done my first in dec last year, so thinking of doing it again 'cos hair is starting to look messy (got natural curl). But worried abt the effect 'cos heard the hair will be damaged during 2nd time, and the effect will not...
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    Rebonding / Iron Relaxer

    Mag, I agree with Gin. Go for it 'cos I also benefit from the exercise. It's the best investment I ever made in "looks".
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    Noble House

    Hi guess, The 'guo da li' cookies are given for engagement (weeks/month before actual day). Usually, the cookies are distributed among the relatives....
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    Noble House

    Guess, The couples who booked NH has a choice to either taking the chocs/cakes for guests, Or, they can opt for traditional cookies for "Guo Da Li". I think perhaps most pple, like us, opt for their traditional cookies 'cos it's really much nicer - a very elegant box with delicious...
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    Noble House

    Hi BeeBee, My dinner at NobelHouse is finally over, and with success. Many guests commented on the good food and nice settings... The lift lobby is a bit small. So, we booked the area on the other side of the lift to serve as our reception area, cost extra $200 but was a good choice 'cos...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    Ivy, you can check out for auspicious date in this website: I got my wedding date 1.5 years in advance there, and it is pretty accurate - the day we picked from this website turns out to be a good day when the traditional alamanc finally came out. This...
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    Tung Lok (Group) Restaurant

    Hi swiss, I like GP too. The food is nice and better value-for-money, except it's bit far for me 'cos most of my frens (as well as myself) are Northern-ers.... transportation will be a problem to get to Swimmming Club.
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    Tung Lok (Group) Restaurant

    Cleopatra, I never been to the room at New Otani, but liks Swiss says, the shape of Tung Lok rest is a little irregular. U better check it out yourself. For NobleHouse, I booked the main hall, including the cocktail area. So they are not going to cater those space for walk-in guests. Only...
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    I'm all for Simmons....most of major hotels uses Simmons and their bed are so comfy.