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    Short Trip

    Hi everyone, do u guys book directly hotel n spa or via tour agency??
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    I'm looking for wine on consignment basis as well, can anyone has good lobang pls email to [email protected] pls. Thanks!
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    hey Gary, is it you? Whaha, so coincidental, we have the same bridal and the same hotel.. So how's your preparation going? Joey and Jedrick =)
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    F&E - Paris & Italy

    Hi pin&jie, thanks for the advise! Ok I'll try to book in May/June. Really SQ 2300/2pax,is really cheap. Thanks for the heads up. Yah, we have or rather I've been quite kia su cos i heard that it really saves a lot to book early. hehe But jus afraid of last min contingencies happen, then...
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    F&E - Paris & Italy

    Hi there PJ, when are you going to Europe and how many days you intend to stay there?? We are planning for our honeymoon to Europe F&E as well in Nov. Have you booked the air tix already? How much did you pay for it?
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    F&E - Paris & Italy

    Hi, as my aunt stay in London, we really wish to go and visit her since we have travelled all the way to Europe. Is it possible to include Paris, Italy and England in 19 days? Geographical wise, is it feasible? What do you all think?
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    F&E - Paris & Italy

    I've a qs, if we are travelling in mid Nov, is it going to be very cold in switzerland? Hi qwerty, ya lor, that's why I'm starting to plan so early mah. But still a bit lost and a lot of reading up to do. =) Thanks for the itinery!
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    F&E - Paris & Italy

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently planning for my F & E honeymoon to europe. Quite kiasu cos I'll be going only in Nov, hehe. Like to check for a 19 days trip, is it too extensive to cover London, Paris and Italy? Qwerty, can you be so kind to fwd me your itinery, my email add is...
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    (2010/11) November 2010 BTB

    Hi jenny, I'm thinking of getting two PG (one main on us, one on guests) as well. Can you kindly fwd me your list of PG quotes to [email protected] Thanks a lot!
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    Hi Jasmine, I read with interest on this thread. Can you pls fwd me the details to [email protected] Thanks!
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    (2010/11) November 2010 BTB

    Hi there Diane, wow sai so many very, he mus be good. Guess I'll make an appt with him to look at his works. U have both your PG and VG with them? Do they give you like a package prices? Thanks!
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    (2010/10) Oct 2010 BTB

    Hi missybrooklynn, wow sai the photo taken by wide-photo is really beautiful! How much did you pay for the pre wedding shot? Do they only take outdoor PS in Bali only?
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    39 East

    Hi, pls can you give me your pricing for AD VG & PG. My AD falls on Nov 2010. [email protected] Thanks!
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    Videography - What to take note?

    Hi Sam, can you pls give me your quote AD PG and VG. My AD falls on Nov 2010. [email protected] Thanks =)
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    (2010/11) November 2010 BTB

    Hello Ladies, wow sai this thread is so happening. Hehe. I'm currently sourcing for AD PG and VG, not sure if anybody have confirmed with any alr? If yes, mind sharing your package with me? Or if there's any recommandation or things to look out for? As I look into the thread under PG...
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    Hilarion Goh Photography

    Hi Hilarion, Can you pls send me your package for AD PG and VG to [email protected]. My AD is nov 2010. Thanks!
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    Academy Video Productions

    Hi Jonny, Can you pls send me your package for AD PG and VG to [email protected]. Our AD is Nov 2010. Cheers.
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    Animation Cartoon (Doing a cartoon instead of montage)

    Hi there CK, your animation is so cool. Can you give me your quote/package for a wedding montage w/wo AD VG and PG? Thanks! Pls email the details to: [email protected]
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    (2010/11) November 2010 BTB

    Oh ha. Finally found somebody same date as mine.. ya booked alr. Grandcopthorne waterfront. =)
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    (2010/11) November 2010 BTB

    Hi Ladies! Glad to be part of this thread. Just checking is there anyone AD falls on 07/11/10??