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    M Hotel Singapore

    Hi anne congrats and best with to u! hope ur wedding goes well & share with us when u r back
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    M Hotel Singapore

    does anyone know if Mhotel has changed their chef recently? mebe that is the reason why the standard dropped? i think the quality & freshness of food is important... nt to forget the gd svc & attitude from the staff
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    M Hotel Singapore

    hi jhoo do u know if the portion is more than enuff? coz alot of guests cant confirm attendance yet, afraid last min too many pple, nt enuff food. me also worried abt Mhotel food standard after reading the comments here, reali pray hard nw
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    M Hotel Singapore

    hi ladies any recommendations for caters ? has anyone tried YLS or Liang Food ? wher to get the roast pig require for AD beside tiong bahru? pls advise coz my wedding is end of mth, thks
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    hi pls send the song to me. [email protected]. thks
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    Any March In Songs 2 Recommend???

    hi pls share the songs with me : Perfect Moment I will be there (Mariah Carey) Here & Now So Much In Love [email protected]. thks
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    M Hotel Singapore

    hi honeybaby,may i have the seating plan? [email protected] is there any wedding at Function rm this sat/sun? I was thinking of going ther to look at the decor thks
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    hi jenn pls send me the song too [email protected]
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    Bridal March by Jonathan Cain MP3 Urgent!!

    hi jenn pls share the songs (2 versions) Bridal March with me, [email protected]. thks
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    Yvonne Creative

    hi angelight pls share ur pics with me. [email protected]. thks