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    How will you react when you see your ex?

    i see my ex, "hey long time no see", "byeee" need to react meh ?
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    Man are not reliable

    oh, I just realized. you're 31? geez. haha..
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    Man are not reliable

    may I know how old icepanda is? LOL.
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    Cambridge Diet 7days Challenge

    hi everyone, may i know where to get cambridge diet? how much is it? thanks. email: [email protected]
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    Catholic Brides

    Lalaa, yaaa.. I heard from my friend also.. CEE is to bond with each other as a couple.. lol.. MPC is both la.. we bond with each other but as well as other couples.. I think me pretty lucky, our group people are great. hehe.. makes every session an enjoyable one.
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    Catholic Brides

    greentea, ya.. what purinne says is true.. MPC allows us to actually bond and share with other couples, unlike CEE.. hee.. but I heard CEE is very good too..
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    Catholic Brides

    is it? haha.. for us, the guys even planned going for a fishing trip before the BBQ so they can BBQ the fish they catch. haha...
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    Catholic Brides

    purinne, yaaa.. gonna miss them hor.. me and HTB actually love goin for MPC.. hehe.. become a routine already. haha.. we having BBQ next mth.
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    Catholic Brides

    sobe, ya lor! actually all the couples in our group very happening one, that's why going to miss them very badly.. lol. but quite good la, we actually went out after the sunday's last session. to discuss our outing. haha.. very fun people indeed. but i'm sure all the groups are like ours as...
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    Catholic Brides

    waaahhh.. hahaha.. group 5, 6 and 7. lol~~ we've to dress formal this sunday, true.. hehe.. I'm excited leh, but sad at the same time.. no more sessions.. but my group had arranged to meet up again next month. quite happy
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    Catholic Brides

    ya lor~ I think I'm gonna miss going for MPC sessions.. will miss my presenting couple as well. they're great. purinne, I'm in group 7. you leh? sobe, which group you in? I also wish FH & I will get to be presenting couple next time too, provided he's willing to become a Catholic...
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    Indonesian Brides!!

    marsella lim, loe udah ikut marriage course itu blom?? gw lg ikut.. seruuu! hehehe...
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    Catholic Brides

    hmm.. actually my wedding will be in indonesia and my priest has actually agreed on doing the full mass for us. just that I need a soft copy of the church mass in english language. hehe.. purinne: me too, attending it now.. lol. love my group. next sunday last session already hor..
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    Catholic Brides

    btw.. how do i get samples of the church mass for wedding between catholic & non-catholic? i heard it could be done full-mass.. i'm catholic & HTB is not.. anyone has the soft copy? thanks alot.. my email is: [email protected]
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    Catholic Brides

    hi guys.. you all attending MPC ah? :D
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    Catholic Advice Needed Please

    Hi all, does anyone have a soft copy for catholic mass, between a catholic and non-catholic? thanks a zillion for the help.. p.s: my email is [email protected]
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    Lazy BIL

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    How can I get over?

    eh, how come now everywhere got SPA advertisements huh?? lol. read from top to bottom, end with spa ad. geez.. haha..
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    Loans for Marriage

    Kim opens spa la.. of course he/she dunno anything about marriage..
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    Vagina Odours

    sunnyday, try Sebamed Feminine Wash.. pretty good. (: