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    Where to have wedding dress alteration?

    Hi, can pm me the addresses too? Thanks!!
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    Poll: which wedding band to choose?

    Right one. Think its the one that will be smoother n will not scratch. V impt if u gg to have babies and wun wanna scratch them! And looks more subtle for daily use as a wedding band
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    Wedding bands

    I believe if its the other lady who I spoke to on the phone it would be a pleasant trip. I'm fine with the staff telling me to make appt. Its his attitude of repeating it when I'm just glancing through the designs and having already told him I know that I need make appt and that I actually have...
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    Wedding bands

    Not occupied with customer. I definitely understand that it is impt to make appt with private jeweller. But to stop me from browsing seems very rude to me. He kept emphasizing that I need to make appt as if I can't understand him. I think it shd be alright for customers to look at designs first...
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    Wedding bands

    I called ling jewellery and the lady said I have to make an appt before going down. But she said that I can drop by during lunch to have a look at the designs. So I went down during lunch and was looking through the displays when an uncle told me that they are not retailers like sookee or...
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    (2015/09) September 2015 BTBs

    Wow v detailed! Thanks!!!
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    (2015/09) September 2015 BTBs

    Hihi can share how much roughly it is to do ala carte way? Thanks!
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    Resorts World Sentosa

    Any reviews on the venue, service and food? TIA!
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    Furama City Centre

    Hi, anyone has recent updates on wedding held there? Reviews on food and service and ambience? One of the concerns i heard was that the area got some sleazy ktv?
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    Poolside wedding dinner

    Try naumi hotel? I vaguely rem their venue is poolside...
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    WTS: Nov 15 Sun Lunch at Conrad Centennial (Min 20 tables)

    Able to change to dinner? If yes, how much to top up? Thanks.
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    WTS : Wedding Dinner at Conrad on 4th July 2015

    Hi, can send details to [email protected]? Thanks!
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    Letting go of package at Hotel Fort Canning

    Hi can share the details of ur package? [email protected] thanksz.
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    Hi. Can share more details of ur package? Thanks. [email protected]