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    Engagement ring shop

    Here’s mine… (on my finger :oops:) got it from eClarity, love their customisation and serive
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    Engagement ring shop

    Bro, congrats man! I went to eclarity at takashimaya office tower after many recommendations from my friends. They have wide choices and can customize ring, the quality look solid. Recommended!
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    Labgrown or Natural diamond?

    Lab-grown diamonds can be a good option for engagement rings, depending on your priorities and preferences. One advantage of lab-grown diamonds is that they are typically less expensive than natural diamonds, while still offering the same visual appeal and durability. They are also often...
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    Engagement ring shop

    I bought my engagement ring from eClarity. They have great diamonds and settings, and their personalized service made the process very simple. I like also that they educate their customers about diamonds and the many design styles. I recommend eClarity for anyone looking for a high-quality ring