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    To adopt or not to?

    Hi all, will consider your contributions carefully. Waiting to go for my eye check-up next week. Will update after knowing my results and discussion with hubby. WIsh me good luck. =)
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    To adopt or not to?

    Hi Inn, Do you know that when i first see doc for my RP, doc did said clearly tat i might go blind in the age of 40 if my condition worsen as there is no cure at moment. So there'r higher risk if i wanna have my own kid. She might have RP as me, blind or deaf too. I feel so relieved when i...
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    To adopt or not to?

    YEah, Sm.. You'r right.. Will have a good discussion with my hubby. Thanks alot.. Feeling much better. I'm worrying more abt my condition instead.. =(
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    To adopt or not to?

    Vevey, yes, i know wat u mean. =) my eye conditon seem to get worse as my vision is getting small than usual, faster den wat i expected. Next month going for check up and we'll see how le. Cos if my condition did get worse, both parents are getting old and they'll be worry for my safely too...
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    To adopt or not to?

    Who?Me? I'm 32yrs old. I'm considered adoption cos both of us love kid, and it's my happiness to see them growing up healthy, and "you ge bang“ too but i really need an extra pair of hands to help out cos i'm unable to take care of them on myself as i've difficulty of taking care of myself with...
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    To adopt or not to?

    Just happily married since 03 Jan and am getting ready for CNY.. But have been stressed over this thing and did have a talk with my hubby too. His conclusion is it's up to me when time come. As you know that i'm born with hearing impairment and last yr just dignose with retinitis pigmentosa...
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    Taiwan F&E

    Hi all, i'll be going to taipei next week. Does anyone know what is the weather for taipei next week? Thanks.Dun know what to wear or bring. =(
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    Shice, mine is also on 03 jan 09! Erm.. everything have already done except for our flat as we wanna move near to my mum. So now have to wait lo..
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    Any new idea how to touture yr FH?

    Pinkbunny, can send me the content of the contract too? Thanks! [email protected] Teddy, this idea is not bad too.. I must think of all Q to ask him.. keke..