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    Intercontinental Singapore

    has anyone booked only 1 section of the ballroom? i am worried that it will be tooo cramp. will it?
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    pai du mei yan bao is under the Superbrand and to be under superbrand for consecutive 5years is not an easy job. to be under superbrand the product has to be the best selling and also the safest with no complaints of side effects. so not necessary that product that comes from china is best...
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    Any fast ways to reduce weight within 2mths time?

    i just went for a body ceckup again after a month taking the blood type slimming pills... lost 2kg of weight and 1kg of fats... qute happy... think gonna keep on taking... Calista 93828958
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    Cambridge Diet 7days Challenge

    i took it last time... like the chocolate and bana flavour... quite nice... although i lost some kgs.. but my weight bounced back drastically... so quite upset... but recently i tried some toehr blood type slimming prdt.. lsot 2-3kg in a month.... maybe not be as fast effect but i find it...
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    Breast Enhancement product, BRAVA -- Newly launched!

    i just bought mine a day ago and applied... and amazing it really got lifted... ladies out there should really try it... got my promo package at 3 for 500.... still got 2bottles... if interested can let me know.. willing to let go or give small sample to try.... feel my skin smoother also...
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    Anyone tried OSIM uZap?

    my sis bought me uZap like during my 2005 birthday...tried it for a few weeks but no effect at all and i find the area that is being "zap" is so itchy... i hate that feeling... cos i'll always scratched it and t=it become really red and painful... i am thinking of letting out mine... its...