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    Four Seasons Hotel

    anybody's corrdinator is ivy? is she still in fs? haven't contacted her since i booked the venue last oct. finally emailed her yesterday but no reply. will try calling her tomorrow.
  2. J

    50% deposit normal?

    fangwei, which hotel is that?? did she tell u about this before u sign the contract?
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    dear whitetea, how long will it take before ur cs is ready?? by thw way, are u doing a long or short cs?
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    Wedding Shoes

    siyang: absolutely lovely shoes!! how much did u get this for?
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    same here, im more or less decided on the darker theme so i will avoid red/maroon/pink dresses. but if i really end up with these colours for my gowns, i will choose the white/gold instead.
  6. J

    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    chloe: so u have selected the theme already? i'm still thinking when do we have to select the themes. will the coordinator initate it or should we initiate it?
  7. J

    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    chloe/ophidi: my coordinator is ivy. i can't recall the name if the ball room that i'm taking. but it is the bigger of the 2. have u girls thought about the theme u will be taking??? i'm soooo contemplating to take the black and red theme :p
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    hey chloe, im a november four seasons btb too! when's ur date? im 18 nov.
  9. J

    Is it auspicious to have wedding in June ?

    my prospective mil told me this theory as well. we shut her up by telling her its the geomancer who chose our date. in any case, this is old wives tales. based on this theory, shouldn't everyone get married in dec to be a couple a "complete lifetime"?
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    u girls are so effecient! me only book venue :|
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    Advice needed on sitting arrangement for VIP tables?

    jarls, i have done. and i really hope u have 1 more.
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    yup yup... i am thinking of a black and red theme, so was hoping akak can email me some pics. my concern is that it may be too overwhelming for the older folks (as usual) :x
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    Will you attend your friend's wedding dinner 2 months apart from yours?

    if the other party is not superstitious, i will attend but i wont tell the elderly or older folks. similarly for my wedding, i tell my friends im more than happy if they will grace my wedding. but if they don't feel comfortable, i will understand. my personal theory: this 'chong xi' thing...
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    sher: if u don't mind, could i see the pics too? coz im holding my AD next yr nov at fs. like to start checking color schemes out too.
  15. J

    Four Seasons Hotel

    sher more photos pls! im a sucker for photos now. by the way, did u have the pre-event cocktail station? which did u take?
  16. J

    Silverlining Bridal Couture

    a colleague went to them for her wedding and is full of positive feedback. anyone can share what's the cost of their bridal package now?
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    Orchard Parade Hotel - Tung Lok Classic

    went for a dinner there over the weekend. good food!
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    Alternative to wedding montage

    thiasy, who do u go to for the pre wedding mtv?
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    Four Seasons Hotel

    sher which ballroom did u use? show us your pics!! *excited!*