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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    Hi Jeanie ,won't mind if you can send with me the pictures of the Jupiter ballroom ? I'm oso shortlisting FRF as my AD holding ground. My e-mail: [email protected] Thks thks...
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    2011 Banquets - When will prices be out?

    hihi, I will oso like to have a list too...thks thks [email protected]
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    Hotel that accepts around 20 tables?

    Hi Sunshine, I'm oso interested in the details too. Can send to [email protected] Thks alot! (^_^)
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    2011 wedding banquet at hotel.. budget $800 ~ $900.. any suggestions

    Hi all, I'm also looking for wedding banquet ard this price range for early 2012. Please send any packages to [email protected] Thanks a million!!!(^_^)
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi Magdal, My AD is oso on 2012. Can share with me the package? Thx Thx. my email is [email protected]