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    Emcee Script For Solemnization

    Hi people! I’m looking for emcee script for lunch banquet with solemnization. I was hoping to do solemnization upon first march in, but I couldn’t find the emcee script online no matter what. I need it in Chinese and English, allow my emcee to intro the JP and throughout the whole process. Pls...
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    Regent Singapore

    I did but mine is december so most renovations are alr done. Only guest rooms level 4 and above will be renovated, internally. And the WC also promise no reno takes place on day with events. So I don’t think it’s a problem… plus they allow me to upgrade from 1 day St Regis executive to 2 days in...
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    Regent Singapore

    Hello Jaslyn!!! I’m torn between Regent/One Farrer/Paradox. Can you please share with me your experience with Regent and also some AD photos if possible? My telegram is @dustyruby if you don’t mind ☺️
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    WTS > Wedding Banquet Dinner @ Mandarin Oriental (23 Sept 2023 AUSPICIOUS DATE!!!)

    Event: Wedding Dinner Date: 23 September 2023, Saturday Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Atrium Suite) Cocktail Reception: From 06.30pm to 07.30pm Dinner: From 07.30pm to 10.30pm Attendance: 100 - 180 pax (Minimum spending of SGD 18,680++) Type of banquet: Chinese Set Menu (08-Course) *menu...