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    Three Tier Ang Bao Box Lined with Swarovski Crystals

    Hi, May I know where is the slot to put the angbaos into the box? Are there 1 slot for each tier or is it just 1 slot for the whole box? Pls advise. Thanks!
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    Post Wedding sale!

    Hi, I'm interested in the Peranakan Tea Set, is it still available? Pls advise =) Thanks!
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hi Sharon, Serene is q a nice and patient person to speak to. I've bombarded her with alot of questions then.. Feel free to ask her so that u'll have an ease of mind too =) She showed me the wedding show brochure so i dont think the perks will change during the wedding show. The contract will...
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Cloudy, those hiccups r scary.. sorry to hear abt them. did u burn a cd for the AV guy to play the songs? or does he need to source the songs himself? Sharon, my coordinator is Serene too! What she'll do is give u the wedding show perks but u need to secure the date by signing the contract...
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hi Sharon, I just cmf my booking w GWP recently and according to my coordinator, there will be a wedding workshop in Jan nxt yr =) I booked the windsor ballroom. Tudor ballroom is a slight L-shape march in coz the entrance is at the side of the ballroom if u rmb... My coordinator showed me...
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    Goodwood Park Hotel

    Hi GWP btbs, I'm considering GWP for my wedding nxt yr but I missed the wedding show in Apr this yr =( For those who've attended it, could you kindly let me know what are the additional perks they give during the show? Thanks in advance!