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    2018 BTB

    Any June/Mid 2018 BTBs? :) How's the prep going on for you ladies!! I've been pretty busy with work and haven't started sourcing for emcees or performers or decorations for my solemnization and banquet reception area... Am I very behind schedule sigh
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    2018 BTB

    Hi all BTBs! Need some advice about wine buying, because I'll have about 300 guests with only 1 complimentary 30L barrel of beer (which should serve 90 glasses) and 1 bottle of house wine per table (which pours 6 glasses if I'm not wrong), and free corkage of 1 additional self-brought bottle of...
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    Rico A Mona bride

    2018 BTB here too! Just starting out on the (long tedious) hunt for bridal shops. I do agree with all of you that Rico has gorgeous gowns judging by their photos (as I've yet to pay them a visit)! Would appreciate it if any of you ladies could pm me your package details as well :)
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    Deferring submission of marriage certificate for EC

    Haha same. We used the CPF Housing grant too. Our EC was supposed to TOP in Mid 2018 (hence we actually planned to get married around then), but suddenly the TOP date was brought forward by an entire year (i.e. this year!! How to rush our marriage? Haha). We sent a "letter of appeal" to the...
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    Do you insure your engagement ring+wedding band?

    Hi BTBs! :) I'm still kind of scared about wearing my engagement ring out sometimes, not sure if anyone else shares this same fear - fear of I dunno, touching it too much, making it oily/scratching it with my hands one way or another, accidentally hitting it on the wall/table or letting it catch...
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    Going down to Fullerton for my first visit today! :) Anyone able to share what kind of perks they managed to negotiate? Heehee
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    2018 BTB

    Hi fellow 2018 BTBs! Anyone considering getting a wedding planner to help with sourcing/budgeting/planning? I'm not sure if I should get one... I think it can be helpful because we have very busy jobs with unpredictable hours, and wedding planning can be super time consuming but I don't wanna...
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    2018 BTB

    Hi! How did it go? :) saw their super attractive photos and gowns online but haven't had the time to go down yet sigh. Do share your experience with mydreamwedding and let us know how it goes! :)