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    So happy with our house renovation

    Sorry to say but the entire review sounds like self advertising - disgusting as a home owner to promote the ID.
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    Not sure what to do

    The fact that you’re on this forum and written the above shows you’re also self rationalising. You’ve seen clearly what he is like before and during marriage. Not having savings, relying entirely on you for the renovation and housing, not able to get his own life together with even basic things...
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    Good Contractor to recommend

    Hi Xiuyu, your house looks great! Can I have the contractor's contact and your quotation for reference as well? Thanks!
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    Wedding planning advice

    (1) Decide on the date first, consult both your parents if need to for calculation of dates. (2) Discuss if you like to do buffet luncheon after your church solemnization only or with a dinner banquet thereafter? If so, (3) Source for venues for your banquet as well. Once that is done then you...
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    London Cab Wedding Car

    Hi pls PM thanks!
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    Letting go The Whitelink Bridal Package (Pre-wedding & AD)

    Hi, pls PM for details and how much. Thanks.
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    London Cab Wedding Car

    Hi, can PM me the rate for 2018 Sep? Thanks!
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    Groom's Attire - Ties

    Hi all! Do groom and groomsmen usually wear slim ties or normal width ties for wedding?
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    Genting Hotel Jurong Review

    Hello! Reviewing this thread... Does anyone have any reviews about the food & banquet in Genting Hotel Jurong?
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    WTB Wedding Luncheon Package

    Jun/Jul 2018 Looking for Wedding Luncheon 20-22 tables Pls PM if you have discounted packages to let go. Thanks.
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    Letting go of Meritus Mandarin Orchard banquet without a cost

    Hi can it be used for 2018?