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    For All dog lovers

    lifetime, i think u can check out the straits times, classified, i think i saw some freelancer advertising some time ago, dunno if it's still there?
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    For All dog lovers

    Hi Mon Thanks for your advice, i read u wrote dat u put tabasco sauce in your dog's poo to prevent him from eating it in the u catch him pooing then put the tabasco sauce and just leave the poo them as a bait for them to eat? I felt like it's such a bad thing to do, just leaving...
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    For All dog lovers

    hi monica and the rest of dog-lovers 2 months ago, i just got for myself a Maltese puppy from a friend, she's extremely playful....but headache is i just can't seem to get her to toilet trained....actually during daytime, she's quite intelligent, while she's playing at the living room, she...
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Dear Carol I think u missed me out too... [email protected]
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    Dear Carol If it's not too much trouble, can u also send a copy of the recipe for me pls? My email is [email protected]. Thanks!
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    Conrad Centennial Singapore

    Dear Faith I think u shld know who i am right? Anyway, was reading your message and cant resist to comment, i think u shld book now cos like wat snowie has mentioned if u wait until July and the promo is for weekdays nite, etc and u turn around only to find that your date has been given up...
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    We are ONE!

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favourite bridal website. A special thanks to Chin Leng and team for their efforts of uniting all Spore Brides!
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    Printing time...

    Hi Orange Can u also send the quote and the contacts to me? My address is [email protected]. Thanks!
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    Thanks Kit...but how about ur quilt? Wat's the best percentage of down and feathers to buy for quilts? Seems dat the sales people keep on telling me the higher the percentage of down, the better, and of cos dat's why it's more expensive....but i dun wan something too fact i wan...
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    hi all dunno if anyone still visit this thread...but everybody's talking about the thread about this factor of down and feathers percentage? I had a fren who told me not to buy those goose down /feathers pillow or quilt becos after a while, the bed smell like a dat true?
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    i was wondering if it's ok NOT to serve wine during dinner.....cos my colleague who held his dinner for 25 tables ended up opening a total of 40 bottles of wine! Scary or wat...dat will surely blow a big hold in our, instead of serving it with a limitation, then having the waiter to...
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    Rebonding / Iron Relaxer

    hi all dear brides For brides-to-be...u may wan to note dat doing rebonding to your hair will caused it to be VERY VERY straight....i read from an email dat, the rebonding process is they first break all the bonds in your hair, thus making it vulnerable and limp, then they reapply chemical...
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    Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

    Anyone have any experience with Marriott Hotel? Any comments on their food, service and condition of ball room ie. high ceiling, pillar?