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    (2010/10) Oct 2010 BTB

    @ winspin (rainbowgal23) Actually I think there is no market rate for AP for helpers. It is in fact like a lucky AP. So depends on how much you can give and also how much help you think each and every one of them have contributed. As my Make-up artist been very helpful and go out of her way...
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    Make-up & Hairstyling by Jeannie Yong

    COW, you mean you call her she never reply??? How can? Then how. You pay how much deposit? For me I will forgo. don't want to worry if she will turn up for my wedding or not.
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    Any Matt Sunblock for Oily Skin?

    Murad sunblock is matt and that makes my makeup last longer! Another is the lancome bb base with spf 50. I buy from online skincare shop
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    Neck Acnes

    Hi According to my friends in the beauty line , they say neck acne is caused by hormonal changes, sweat, or simply caused by congestion. You might need to go for those extraction facial to clear it , if not they will keep popping out side by side and will spread. But if it is hormonal then...
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    Where to get bouquet?

    Hi Friddy, What do you mean by fresh or real ? I think u mean fresh or artificial? I will go for fresh flowers for sure! Check out They do wedding flowers.
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    NEED HELP- how much did you/ are you going to spend for photoshoot and AD?

    Hi ladies, Firstly, like what Meiguan mentioned, you all need to set aside a budget. Usually you will exceed your budget.Nowadays alot of people rather do ala carte, though it might be same price or so with studios, but then you get to choose what you like or not. Besides the freedom , you...
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    (2010/04) April 2010 BTB

    Hi raine, What kind of extensive are you asking about? If it is like diamond peel ok, that is if you don't have sensitve or acne skin. As from my understanding , removing dead skin cells, makeup goes on better and skin has radiance.
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    How much should I pay solemniser?

    Hi, I would think it is wrong to say 'paying' the JP as he/she is not 'working', but more like volunteering a service. We should be thankful that he/she comes to officiate our marriage. We should think that the AP should be calculated interms of petrol or taxi fare. Instead it should be a token...
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    Token for solemniser

    Hi, I would say depends on your budget as this angpow is an appreciation for their taking time to come officiate your wedding. I gave $168 as the JP is a friend of my parents. Depending on where your ROm is held. If very centralised and not too far from the JP's house, $48-68 should be good.
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    Do i need to keep 1 seat for the photographer?

    Hi, the PG is supposed to shoot all the way through your banquet so no time to sit down.
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    (2009) Brides of year 2009

    hey ger_lin, You can check mua Ladies, want to lose weight, cut down on carbo. I lost 1kg in 5days.hehe
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    Any recommendation for good make up remover????

    Hello, I have been using lancome express cleansing water for many years now. It is a 3-in-1. for eyes, lips, face and acts as toner too!
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    Driving Lessons - School or Pte?

    Hi jazz, im looking for a Pte instructor in east coast area too. if anyone out there beside jazz has good contacts, please share. thanks
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    Is $6000 able to buy 0.8C diamond ring???

    Hi roger, im sure u can get a very good quality diamond and good size for 6k. my husband got mine this jeweller too. diamonds come with GIA cert. so no worries. please PM me for details.
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    <b>SOS!!! What amount to set limit for GAteCrash to JIEMeis on AD????!!! </b> --------- viv

    hi all, do you think it is advisable to meet up with the jiemeis to discuss the appropriate amount? because i heard a friend paid almost 1k!!! i do not know how to start the subject though
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    Any recommendations for pte Driving Instructor (auto)?

    Hi, im looking for a good pte driving instructor in the east. wanna take test in Ubi driving centre. those who passed on 1st attempt with least lessons please help me out as i need to get a licence ASAP! thanksssssss
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    Aloha changi cottage

    hi diana, i just had an outdoor wedding too. i have contacts for everything you need. please PM me as you did not turn on the PM function. ill try to help you in anyway you need.
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    Bangkok - Samran Place Hotel, Good ???

    no samran place is at petchburi which is near the pratunam wholesale market. it's very much like the old chinatown in singapore. no BTS only can take taxis. if you cant speak basic thai, not very convenient, but alot of budget hotels around.
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    thanks waxie24