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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    sidetrack abit. got a question, regarding washing powder for my thomson topload. Recently i bought a box of persil powdered detergent. looking at the instructions, it says 4/5th cup for 4-5kg washer. does it mean the cup given inside the box (its the size of a disposable party cup). That's...
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    For All dog lovers

    And dont forget the daily exercise. short walks twice a day is good. And i found out that a dog sit/stand/sit/stand is equivalent to a human's push-ups.
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    For All dog lovers

    hi lady_girl, i put my dog on a weight-loss diet. So how successful is 6kg lost in 2 months? And like Irene said, too drastic lost is not healthy too. I dint aproach a vet, i just did some research on the internet. 1) totally stop all tidbits and treats. They add up to substantial...
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    For All dog lovers

    hi oraia and Lynsie, My dog had some bone fragments lodged in her knee which causes limpng after exercises and long sleep. That was when she was 4 months old. Then during this chinese new yr brought her to dog run and her ligament just "snapped" as she was running. After an xray, realised...
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    For All dog lovers

    hi lynsie and oraia, your golden reminds me of the time mine was a baby. She's 14mths old now and her (Coco) bd is on christmas day. S&A forever, there are many reasons why a dog can limp. I had a whole list of problems with my dog since she was 4 months old. She just had a knee...
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    Glass Door for kitchen

    its cheap considering i paid $1500 for my kitchen glass door. The hinges alone already $300. This hinge is floor and ceiling mounted and i can open the door any direction. I dunno i may have overpaid but i love that door. Although my dog keeps running into it and hates it.
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    4 or 6 inches False Ceiling

    Yes, its up to your choice and budget what you want to do. L box does not have to go with false ceiling. Though my personal view is that passage way either you do false ceiling or don't do at all.
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    hi melz.. fixing doors might not solve the problem permanently as well. Dust in your house means your neighbourhood is dusty. You living nearby a road? Are your windows always open? My place is very dusto too. Can specially see the dust on the darker furnitures. I intend to get an ioniser...
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    Defer ROM Cert

    hi collin, i got my keys march 04 and deferred submitting the cert till Nov this year. total of 20 months. Your reason sounds valid enough, just send them a copy of whatever booking receipts you have.
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    Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?

    let ur ID quote u first then you get a quote from Alumix with the design. I only know i saved so much when i did my homework that time.
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    Painting of House/HDB flat/Room

    My ID also told me the same thing. But my guess is because Pentalite is cheap so they also have a higher profit margin. In the end we did the painting ourselves and we have no problem touching up after reno, I used a combination of Pentalite, wash and wear and all in one
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    Ariston or Joven heater

    hi Astro, 25L is good enough. Bigger tanks consumes more electricity
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    Are City Gas Expensive

    Actually i dun find much price difference. My mum is using cylinder gas and a tank last about 2-3 months base on her usage. Quite a few times in the middle of cooking the tank empties. So my parents standby a potable steamboat stove. In my house i am using citygas and i cook about 2 times a...
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    Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?

    hi colin, they carry both range. You can get a quotation first and then start after the reno. hi ic, i specified to my ID that i wanted alumix and was quoted $2700 for the system and $2000 for the doors. I took the drawings to alumix and was quoted $1500 for system and $1500 for the...
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    Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?

    icegoh, ximula cost about 30% more than alumix. ximula using movable rivets so you can reconfigure your shelves anytime you like. Alumix has no rivets so to reconfigure your wardrobe, you have to take apart all the poles and shelves. ximula drawers have no sliding tracks. hi colin, before...
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    Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?

    hi ryes, yes 2400 is the length. Actually its an L-shape, the other side is 1700mm. sorry dint know you included frame. my frame and doors were done by ID
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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    The first time its better to send for dry cleaning. Subsequently just throw into the washing machine but remember not to use hot water.
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    Hi ENT, Mine have the same problem. It does not spring to the end. I still have to push it so that i can open my gate. does not bother me though
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    Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?

    hi ryes, mine is without doors. but mine is about 2400mm by 1700mm. Total of 7 vertical post.
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    Any Comments on Ximula / Alumix wardrobe system ?

    yeah when i did mine they took about 2 hours. And they were super early. My appt was 1pm and they came at 9am. they called me and i had to rush down while they waited outside my door.