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    Tips to conceive?

    HI Kimoni, Can u recommend me your chinese physician? Thanks
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    Armpit Hairs

    Hi Cleo, Care to share where u have done ur IPL at [email protected] Thank you
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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    Hi, I am a bride to be on 27 Jan'2008......decided to pop in into this topic as i need some expert advise from all of you. Can anyone share with me the preparation for the ang pow amount for: - Jie Mei, Xiong Di - AD Driver & Xiong Di - Emcee - Receptionist - Kid open the door -...
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    French Love Songs

    Hi, Can someone send "C'est si bon" to me?Email:[email protected]
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    "I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You" - Marc Anthony & Tina Arena

    Hi, Looking for my march-in. Hi, Really appreciate if someone can send me the song "I want to spend my lifetime loving you". Thanks in advance. Kindly email to [email protected] Thanks in advance
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    "Here and Now by Luther VanDross" Anyone have this song??

    Hi, Can anyone please email me the songs to [email protected] Thanks.
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    At The Beginning - Donna Lewis & Richard Marx

    Hi, Can anyone please email me the songs to [email protected] Thanks.
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    A Song"" - Looking ''When I Say I Love You'

    Hi, Can anyone please email me the songs to [email protected] Thanks Thanks.
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    Hi, I would like a copy too. Thanks
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    Any March In Songs 2 Recommend???

    Hi, Pls share with me these songs :- Perfect Moment I finally found someone Let there be Love" by Nat King Cole Fly me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra i wanna love you forever ( jessica Simpon ) i'll be there ( Mariah Carey ) Everytime ( Britney Spears) Because you love me (...
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    An emcee script for the wedding dinner

    Hi SK, Can send me a copy too.Email [email protected] Thanks
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    Hi, Can I have a copy of the Emcee speech? Email:[email protected] Thank you very much.
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    Advice Needed - How long should the march in songs be? ==

    HI Can share the song with me @ [email protected] Thanks!
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    "Wedding Songs" Needed (URGENT)

    Hi EL, Could you pls send me the following songs to [email protected] 1.Wedding March - Midsummer Night's Dream (instrument) & 2. Bridal Chorus - Longherin(instrument) Thanks a lot!
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    Dear All I'm preparing for my wedding next month & need some advise from all of you. Need advise on the amount for:- 1. Jie mei and Brothers 2. Boy who open car 3. Younger brothers/sisters who serve u tea. 4. Driver 5. make up artist 6. JP 7. Hotel coordinator 8...
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    An emcee script for the wedding dinner

    Hi, Pls send me a copy of Emcee Script. Appreciate your help E.mail: [email protected] Thanks in advance!
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    Make-up Artist - Sharon Tan

    Hi, Can anyone pls send me sharon's package & contact? Looking for MUA urgently. Thks