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    Chinese n Malay wedding

    speechless to see you chinese converts... in fact i also had a short distance relationship with a javanese muslim guy last year but unsure of what to do. i do love this javanese man deep but my family is against the idea of me moving to batam and wanted me to get chinese guy which i did...
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    Where to go from here?

    dun fret.. i can understand where u come from... whatever decision u might have but yet to take action, the road is always uncertain..maybe now you feel everything is clouded, but well do believe that time will tell in due time. anyway i also wish i can have something that can motive me too.. i...
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    Batam guy??

    Hello, want to hear all opinions abt the guys from Batam? Is it ideal to go into relationship with an indonesian man whom came to batam to work for less than a year? Okay or not to be involved or not? A short brief: I got to know this man who is still a driver (of cos tour grp typical) and...
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    Advise needed for Divorce with 2 kids or stay in a marriage without love

    totally agreed with this sadman2009. I also used to feel that i m the third party instead of the legally wife.. Yet i kept finding out more things abt the other woman and taht she did cheated on my hubby and even infected with std... yet my hubby chose her blindly n declared his feelings for...
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    Advise needed for Divorce with 2 kids or stay in a marriage without love

    Hi adeline, yes it is true that once trust broken, it is very difficult to forgive my hb in my case. he still asking me to let the past go especially his past affair with the other woman.. oh yes, i also found out by chance few years ago that my hb also used to have one special facebook account...
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    Advise needed for Divorce with 2 kids or stay in a marriage without love

    nothing can be prefect nowadays.. practically i still dun understand the idiotic husband of mine.. what he wants exactly , i dun know... only he himself knows the answer and btw i lost trust in him totally... despites he claimed he had changed for the better and faithful but come on,, once a...
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    Advise needed for Divorce with 2 kids or stay in a marriage without love

    if i am not wrong, your hubby could be toying with the idea of hvg the best of two different worlds. sorry for being blunt but in fact my hb did spoke out the exact words as your hubby 4 t0 5 years ago n in fact afterwards he did got involved with another married woman too.. it toally broke my...
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    Maintaining a healthy marriage, how to?

    Cremechoc, be strong. i hope u can work something out for your own good. miloice has points.
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    What have i done to deserve this?

    60sec, is this an imaginative idea of yours?
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    Can undischarged bankruptcy keep the sales proceeding from HDB flat?"

    yeah, those OA or creditors cannot touch the cash proceeds from selling your flat.. yes th hdb flat is protected by the bankrupty laws. or another suggestion for the peace of mind, do ask the OA to transfer the cash proceed to your wife in name and u can proceed to ask your wife to assist on...
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    <b>NEED ADVISE - financial issue</b>

    we dun hv joint account .. hwever he does give me allowances for my foods as well as contributng to our son expenses.. so now can still save up a bit and bit while hedu h much savings as from what i noticed.
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    Feeling lost

    aaa why must u expect her to wait for u? is this an affair for u? U hve not even separated or divorced formally? why are u such a selfish jerk? and how dare u bring your son along to go out with her.
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    Devastated....Failed Marriage

    antxie can truly understand how u feel cos i had found out that my hubby had affair with my so-called close friend two years ago. This was very hurting for the past years. When i thought it was very high time to close this chapter after discovering that my husband had been living with her and...
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    His intention?

    Rainy, my best advice is since u two married for less than a year, u ought to annul your marriage.. forget your husband as he is lying thru his teeth since he can come up with thousand of excuses. Please trust your instincts n if can , leave him. I can say for u since i was in your shoes...
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    His intention?

    I m not keen in keeping u. i think u r a big dreamer.. "vomits"
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    His intention?

    Or are u a kept man by some rich older women ah?
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    His intention?

    there is many reasons why women had to marry. scopeguy, are u this bastard who keeps fucging meh? wonder why u never find your love? maybe as well u stay a playboy and dun ever marry lar...
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    His intention?

    u will find your answer soon or later.... dun be so naive like me too.. even his affair exposed and alot of fights plus denials plus thousand of lies, in the end he decided last few months ago that he wanted to stay single n the other woman just obtained her divorce. so now i want to make the...
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    Divorce or Separation Questions - need advice

    perhaps u can wait if u hv no one new right now in your life. and still to be safer, u can go see the lawyer for separation n sign and keep it with u till 4 years is up? I am not sure yet of the proceeding but i already moved out of the rented place plus the husband also moved out too. and...
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    Advice need: want a cooling off period for real

    the cooling period is over liao and i see no more hope in salvaging at all.. wish me a new life that i can move on to next chapter quietly.. but still everyone here is rather helpful in sharing tips except this focking horn dick-scopeguy.. really nutcase..blood vomit!!!