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    Furama Riverfront Singapore

    Hi friends, I had just attended a wedding dinner at Novotel Apollo. If anyone out there is holding their wedding dinner at Apollo, please take note!! Things that happened: 1. one waiter to 3 tables. Guests are not served properly. No time to refill drinks and do a proper serving. 2. Hack...
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    (2002) Brides of year 2002

    Hi Kelling, ahhh..I'm in the kiasu category too... I had booked my Chinese dinner, ROM reception Dinner,Bridal, my name list ready, Bridal package almost all. Just bought a fully furnished house too. But beos I will be staying with my in laws, I will be renting my unit out... My wed day is in...
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    Whether to serve Shark Fin????

    I agreed with Emilia too. I wouldn't be serving sharks fin for my wedding dinner. Instead I asked for Abalone. One more thing to consider,whether you serve sharksfin or not people will still complain. Like..eeee y so watery..or yucks, so less, or even..aiyoh,,,donno genuine or not? Remember...