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    "Just Married" Sign-Where to get

    Hi, There is a shop idear collection at far east plaze at level 3 that sell alot of wedding stuff. I made my "Just married" sign there.
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    Hi Rachel, Can you give me a list of the shopping area which you frequent? Any nice food or must try in HK. I have already booked my hotel: Mayfair garden hotel.
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    Hi, Wa seems like all of you frequent HK! Looks like my 5 day tour to HK and Shenzhen is not enuff liao!Do anyone one of u here been to shenzhen? How is is thing there? Is it cheaper than HK?
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    Hong Kong: Where to Shop?

    Hi ladies, anyone here went to HK before can recommend some place to shop for clothe, handbags and shoes? Where to get nice food? I will be there in fisrt week of mar.
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    Hong Kong : Some Advice Needed!

    Hi Rachel, I am actually considering Mayfair garden and Doorsette seaview. Do you knw which hotel is more convienent?
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    Hong Kong : Some Advice Needed!

    Hi, Can someone please recommend some cheap hotel (3 stars) to stay in HK? Any idea how is the weather like in beginning of mar?
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    Hi, Anyone planning to go Korea in Mar/Apr? Which agency is good at Korea tours?
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    A Chatting Place-Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I am Jacelyn. just got married on 7 Oct 2006. Just cam back for my HM. Hope to make some new frens here.
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    Any Young Brides here?

    Hi, I jus got married Oct 06. I am 24 and Romed on 2005. Planning to give birth next year. Hopefully by the age of 30 finished giving birth to 2 babies!
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    (2006) Brides of year 2006

    Hi, Does anyone have thank you speech to share with me? My wedding is on 7 oct. pls help.... [email protected] Many thanks.
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    (2006) Brides of year 2006

    Hi Diana, May i knw where do you do ur BW? How much you top up? I had mine last month lasted till now not even 0.5cm so can't go for it before wedding!
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    (2006) Brides of year 2006

    Hi, How is everyone feeling? Big day is approaching soon.... For me everything seems to be to not done or half way thru!!!!
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    AD Program needed....Eveuloveme, please help

    Hi, May i have a copy? [email protected] Thanks
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    (2006) Brides of year 2006

    Hi all Oct BTB, Jus curious how's ur preparation? Time is drawing nearer and nearer. I can't seem to have my guest list done. Still have pple haven RSVP! March in songs not selected, AD shedule not planned!!!! So lost, really dunno wad to do.
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    Any sample wedding speech for the big day

    Hi winnie, Can i have a copy of both english & chinese thank you speech? [email protected]
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    Hi All brides to be, Do you have any thank you to share with me? [email protected] Many thanks to you
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    Any sample wedding speech for the big day

    Hi winnie, Care to share with me the speech for both mandarin & English? [email protected]
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    Anyone has wedding speech for to share?

    Hi everyone, I need a wedding speech for emcee desperately. Can one one please share with me? [email protected] Many thanks...
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    Brazilian Wax

    Hi, Anyone been to Holland V Strip? Any good therapist to recommend? I will be going there for my first BW tml. Kinda nervous.... Saw some good and bad comments here, start to feel worried.
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    (2006) Brides of year 2006

    Hi xiaobai, Saw ur thread that you mention that there is a SA travel fair on sunday? May i knw where is the fair held? I am also planning gor my honeymoon.