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    Wedding lunch itinerary

    Do different day means more $ and more effort. Well Bt if really too rush then that's the only way. I think I will still try to squeeze all :)
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    Wedding lunch itinerary

    Does that mean you are planning for your both sides family to your place very early in the morning to have tea ceremony and same thing after groom picks u up to his place ? I was thinking about that but I think abit too many ppl in a house for me leh.. so thinking of doing half at home half at...
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    Nov 2017 brides

    I'm 18nov Btb too! :)
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    The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

    Hi care to share who your wedding planner in charge ?
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    Wedding lunch itinerary

    Hi btbs and brides-already , I am intending to host a wedding lunch, however afraid that the timing would be a little tight as I was hoping gate crash, solemnisation and tea ceremony in hotel, can all be happening on the same day. I got to be at the groom house frm 9am to 11am. I was hoping...
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    AD photography and videography on 18feb17

    Hi Can you send me quote too? My wedding is also on 18 Nov 2017, also intending for lunch but not confirm yet. You can either PM me or email at [email protected]. Thanks !
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    AD Package to let go - 50% discount! No hidden cost

    Hi I'm interested, more details lease?:)
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    will you accept your HTB remaining friends with the first girl he slept with?

    I think you should talk to ur htb. Stay calm and tell him how it troubles you after you learn of the truth. Yes your htb should be sensitive to your feelings. He should also know that his Friend is trying to be mean on purpose, he should be able to see it himself and protect your feelings instead.
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    White Link Package to Let go :)

    Hi I pm you of my interest, did you receive ?
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    To let go Westin hotel: 25.11 2017

    Hi babe, I am responding on the thread you posted on westin package. Is it still available? Is the date changeable? I am looking at Nov 2017, and deciding on a venue now. You may reply here or you may email me at [email protected] . Many thanks babe! ginish Whatsapp:nine8five2three45zero
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    The Westin Singapore

    Hi I am considering Westin too! Any comments about their food?
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    Hotel Jen Tanglin, Singapore by Shangri-La

    Hi , can you send me the wedding banquet package for 2017? Email: [email protected]