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    Body Wellness

    If anyone has earlier unused package to sell, please pm me
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    Body Wellness

    Tee Stacey tried to PM you but you don't accept PM
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    Body Wellness

    I signed my facial packages at very low price because I took up their packages in 2004. Now left a few sessions. I am considering renewing. <font color="ff6000">If anyone has earlier unused package to sell, please pm me</font>
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    Will you use up all your personal savings for marriage?Does it matter if you or hubby contributes mo

    I don't mind contributing more. Better than paying bank interest. Unless I have better use of that idle sum of money that earns a higher interest than renovation loan But it's a matter of personal preference. Depends on your comfort zone.
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    Difficult to find man?

    Doll if don't join any activities, how to expand social circle? she only goes to work, return home, goes to work, return home....and complaining not able to meet anyone do you have any constructive &amp; 'realistic' suggestions? dolphin regardless of where she met the person (can...
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    Difficult to find man?

    sdu is real life leh I find the concept is good, to gather all the singles together who have similar objective ie. seeking life partner however, the introverts will tend to shy away from such activities. how to reach out to this group of singles? I have been encouraging my gf to join...
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    Difficult to find man?

    how about setting up road blocks so all the buses get re-diverted to your bus stop
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    Dating agencies

    right right! my single friends still waiting for their prince charming to appear &amp; sweep them off their feet. I told them must make an effort to GO OUT and mingle. Can't sit at home &amp; wait. May or may not find that special someone but at least you try, by expanding your social circle...
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    Dating agencies

    no lah. it's the personality of the person if by nature very shy, how to bring himself or herself to proactively take part in activities to mingle &amp; make new friends? most likely will continue to wait passively for fate to deliver potential spouse to his or her door step
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    Korean dramas fan

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    Korean dramas fan

    I like those romance comedy such as 'couple or trouble', 'Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung' Not those teary &amp; sobbing type of korean dramas though Too many titles lah, such wide selection don't know which to choose. Can recommend some titles?
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    Do you give money to parents in laws?

    no lah my brother also taking care of his MIL's household expense he has 3 households expenses (his own, his MIL, our parents)
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    Do you give money to parents in laws?

    I'm not working lor. So hubby gave a token sum of $200 to my parents every month When I was working, I contributed $600 per month To be comfortable, I think old folks need at least $1K per month for their household After deducting utilities, insurance, transport, medical, groceries...
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    Being single

    sgsingle actually it's not easy to introduce leh my girlfriend always said she preferred introduction because she felt safer, like there's a referral, someone to 'guarantee' that guy is of good character but how to guarantee? unless I know that guy super well (my brother or my hubby )...
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    Getting ex bf back

    jojo any idea why he agreed to the breakup? since he mentioned there are some things he's unhappy about has it occur to you the possiblity that he's waiting for you to initiate this breakup? such as intentionally ignoring you, you will be unhappy naturally
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    get irobot courts selling at $399 for a basic model auto vacuum, just press start button, you can let it vacuum everyday! so nowsaday we only need to mop &amp; do surface cleaning, can even do without our part time cleaner
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    Y is it so hard to please everyone?

    why are you still sticking around? learn to love yourself more
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    Trust n Insecurity

    peppermint I went solo travel before! well, not really that solo lah. I joined those land tours like contiki type you share a tour bus with strangers from all over the world the bus will drop you off at desinated places of interest &amp; you can roam around yourself. very shiok to read...
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    DID I MARRY THE RIGHT PERSON? A forwarded email to share, and it does make sense!

    I remember LKY mentioned this years ago when he was asked to comment on his loving marriage with his wife the gist of it: nowsaday, people married the ones they love (may end up in divorce if they stopped loving each other one day or discovered someone better) his belief: he loves the...
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    I thought its was only a one-night stand but...

    cherish your finance &amp; just move on with your life