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    WTB- banquet venue for end Jul- to August 2023

    Hi ! Are you in interested in venue at Hotel Jen Tanglin but will be on Sept 2023
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    WTB - Dec 2023 Saturdays or 27 Jan 2024 wedding lunch/ dinner.

    Hi, I want to sell wedding lunch package at Hotel Jen Tanglin. U can PM me for more details. Thank you !
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Hi Josfoo, u having banquet suite on ur wedding day right? How is it overall? Can share some of the picture of it? Hee... Thank a lot ya :P
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Ic.. I understand what u mean. Going down to pay deposit this coming Tuesday. I wonder since they will give free flow of beer,Can i also ask for every confirm table a bottle of red wine at the same time? Did anyone ask for this too?
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Hi JJ, I'm taking up banquet room. I'm in love with the ballroom at the first sight... keke.. But, heard some of the comment that the food not very nice. so quite worry about this.
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    M Hotel Singapore

    Hi JJ, overall the food at M hotel taste okie right? Cos i'm going to take up Wedding banquet there.